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Views from Russia

(Sue Mellem) #1

I was intrigued to see that one of my bracelets attracted 266 views yesterday, mainly from Russia, but also from Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan. They were from a source that google analytics showed as
I found that the site seemed to be showcasing some selling platforms, including Folksy, and the second of the Folksy links was for my bracelet.

Camilla @folksycontent - thought this might be of interest

Can anyone translate Russian? I’d be interested to know what it says!


It seems to be an online magazine, that particular articles is titled 10 places to buy handmade goods online. There are others about fashion, how not to get scammed, areas of natural beauty and do on :slight_smile:
It’s great that folksy is getting found :slight_smile:

P.S I don’t speak Russian, I used google translate lol

(Sue Mellem) #3

Thanks Donna @RedDragonDesigns, interesting to know that.

Was most impressed by your knowledge of Russian, I hadn’t thought of google translate!