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Volunteers needed to test a new feature

Hello! We’re working on implementing a new/additional payment system that will allow shoppers to pay for orders directly, offering an alternative for those customers who would prefer not to use Paypal. We need around 15-20 Folksy sellers to test the first stage for us. This would just mean enabling the new payment system for your Folksy shop and letting us know how easy the sign-up process is and flagging up any problems. Your customers won’t see anything different for the time being - we are only testing the sign-up at this stage.

If you’d be willing to test it out for us and feedback your thoughts, please let us know by leaving your name below and we’ll get back to you with more details. Thank you!


I’d be willing, but I’m not getting a huge volume of customers at the moment,

It’s just to test the actual onboarding process to see how easy it is for our sellers to sign up at the moment Sue, rather than testing the actual payment system. So anyone can test it, whether your shop is super busy or quiet. We’d love you to try it out if you’re willing?

I’d be happy to help Camilla.

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Hi I would be happy to help

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Thank you @elliestreasures and Denise! We’ll email you over some details.
We really appreciate your help!

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I’ll try it out if you like.

Hi Camilla, I would be happy to help.

I’ll try it out if you like.

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Happy to help also if needed.

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Count me in too Camilla! @folksycontent

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Be happy to give it a go @folksycontent

I’d be happy to if you need it! @folksycontent

I’d be happy to help.

I’ll do it if you still need anyone :slight_smile:

Happy to but not much use to you as I’m shutting shop for 3 weeks from the 4th so not expecting anyone to be able to pay for anything ! Sounds like a great idea though.

I’ll help! Where do I sign? :grin:

Yes would like to sign up if poss please, this is a problem I’ve had with customers not wanting to use Paypal.

Happy to help if you need more guinea pigs.