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Getting feed up with this

Yet still wont accept payment from PayPal. I have done everything I can think of to no avail. Noe it wont even let the latest buyer put the item in the basket. You the fee for the site but still have to do everything else myself.
This is not how I expected this site to run. No wonder buyers give up and go somewhere else.

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I haven’t experienced a problem with using PayPal. Have you emailed folksy support? Maybe try setting up card payments as an alternative?

I have had the occassional customer that hasn’t been able to checkout using Paypal (I do also have Stripe as an option, so they would normally use that instead). If you are in contact with the buyer - see if they can add the item to their basket again and you can send them an invoice manually through Paypal.
You can check the order off as paid in your dashboard after they’ve paid your invoice.

Folksy support isn’t usually available at the Weekend, so I’m not sure if they will get back to you at the moment.

It does sound very frustrating but see if you can give it a go that way - good luck.

Meanwhile keep the customer happy by letting them pay by Paypal directly - use a Paypal invoice or for speed. If that doesn’t work then you have a problem with Paypal rather than Folksy.

To use cards it cost you again. I only do this as a hobby not a business. I really dont need this type of hassle.

Do you use paypal for anything else? Are you quite sure you have your paypal email address set up correctly on your Folksy account?

I have just attempted to buy your 20p listing, and it tells me the seller is unable to take PayPal, so it looks like you have an error in your PayPal set up, all the folksy transaction parts were completely normal, it was the final PayPal stage that failed.
I suggest you delete the PayPal payment set up for your shop, and start again.

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It costs you if they use Paypal… they charge a fee on each transaction.

I think he needs to check the Paypal email address he has set up on Folksy… if it isnt a match it won’t work

Been through this with PayPal they dont see a problem. Set up a item for 20p got a friend to try a purchase with no luck.
Why are Folksy not available to assist me, they take my fee and commission.

If you contact Folksy Support on a week day, they will help you, the forum is not manned by the team, although they do look in occasionally.

I’m pretty sure when you send an enquiry to Folksy using the contact details on the help pages the auto response email gives you alternate contact details for business critical issues - inability to accept payment would qualify.

If you have made a mistake in entering your Paypal details on your Folksy dashboard then Paypal won’t see the problem but equally Folksy admin won’t know that it is incorrect either - only you know what the correct email address is. If you look under ‘shop settings’ on your folksy dashboard the top box is for the email address you have registered with Paypal - have you check that this is correct?

I was looking at doing this. But will have to look if there we be a problem as I I have money in there.

Have you followed our advice from the previous time you contacted support? You have had one successful payment through PayPal, but this went through as googlemail, rather than the gmail version of your email address you have listed.

This suggests you should have both gmail and googlemail versions of your email address connected to your PayPal account, as it seems PayPal can have some problems recognising gmail and googlemail as the same thing (even though you’ll be able to receive emails addressed to either).

@dotterypottery is correct that we don’t work on the weekend unless it’s for an urgent enquiry, and it’s always best to send these sorts of questions to the support email, as we won’t see everything here in the forums or in the Facebook group, but luckily I was just having a little browse.


Can someone try the 20p sample again for me and see if PayPal works now

I’ve just added the test listing to my basket no problem, then went to paypal checkout no problem, signed into my PayPal and it allowed me to see the transaction with the option to continue. I stopped there so not to confirm the purchase. It was all fine. Did you fix it?

Yeah closed the bl##dy account and now using my normal one.
I spent ages checking the other PayPal account and couldn’t find anything wrong. So closed it changed to my long standing one and Bingo.:ok_hand:
Thanks for trying that much appreciated


Whoop :+1: great!

Sorry but that test doesn’t work because it is only at the very last minute… after you have committed to make the paypal payment and after you have come back to Folksy to confirm that it fails… I know because I tried it for @Richard92 before… and I’m really sorry Richard but it is still not accepting Paypal with exactly the same message as before…

Your Paypal email address is set up in the Shop Settings from your dashboard. My paypal address is an outlook email and is totally different from my gmail Folksy one as that is the address I have registered with Paypal…

Any suggestions @kimfolksy ?