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Votes for suggestions

(Roz) #1

Can anyone tell me how the number of votes allocated to you for voting for suggestions works? I seem to have 10 votes available, what happens when they are all used up? Is it a one off allocation or renewed on a regular basis?

(Margaret Jackson) #2

When they are all used up to can’t use any more, but when suggestions are implemented you get the votes you gave to it back, so theoretically you get to use your 10 votes over and over again but you are limited to 10 votes at any one time.

(Nifty) #3

@Louisa15 is right (of course!)

it’s also possible to change your mind. if another suggestion comes to your attention and you have no votes left, you can unvote on something and reuse your votes.

(Ema Hossain) #4

thanks for explaining how the votes for suggestions work @Louisa15 and @NiftyKnits it’s good to understand it.