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Wall canvas. Thoughts please :)

(John Stead) #1

HI Guys

This is a mock-up of the sort of things I’m hoping to place on Folksy. Other items will be fine art prints and greeting cards. Any thoughts will be great thanks.


(Karen McPherson) #2

I love that John. Its absolutely gorgeous.

Karen xx

(John Stead) #3

thank you Karen, its one of many that i’m hoping to include :slight_smile:

(John Stead) #4

Samples of my coastal range of greeting cards that I will be adding to my shop.

(Karen McPherson) #5

Add a link to your shop and I’ll keep an eye out. I really like all that kinda stuff.

K xx

(Maxine Veronica) #6

Love the coastal cards john, good luck with your shop :slight_smile:

(John Stead) #7

Thanks Maxine :smile:

Thanks Karen :slight_smile: nothing listed in my shop yet as im just working on my branding etc… heres the link for now you could also visit my blog or follow on instagram:northernwilduk

(Karen McPherson) #8

I’ve had Instagram for ages and no clue how to use it lol. I’ll check it out.

(John Stead) #9

btw any thoughts on my logo and branding?

(Margaret Jackson) #10

They look fine to me. I put a link to one of your threads on the art chat thread. There are photographers on there, one in particular does clever digital things to his pictures to make them look more painterly. Why not come and join us. It’s a lively group of artists and can probably give you any advice you need.
I sometimes buy greetings cards so I’ll have a look at your shop

(Joy Salt) #11

Margaret His shop link is here
(pleased to see this new Folksy feature for handling empty shops which I haven’t spotted before).

(Margaret Jackson) #12

Thanks Joy, I got a bit confused there as I realised he’d given a link but there’s nothing there yet!

(Kylie Tilley) #13

Love them, i would consider doing small canvas pieces for people on a budget tho