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WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please join our campaign to Celebrate Handmade this Black Friday!

It’s #blackfriday today but this year rather than pushing bargain-basement discounts we’d love everyone to Celebrate Handmade with us :sparkles: We’d really, really love you all to join in. It’s very easy to do (promise!) and this blog post explains how you can be part of it.

It’s all about celebrating the reasons you love handmade. We want to get people thinking about what they buy, who they buy it from and what it takes to make something beautiful.

So please help us tell everyone what it is that makes handmade special. Why is buying something made with skill and love a good thing? You can share your reasons on social media using the #celebrate_handmade hashtag and/or tell us here and we’ll post as many as we can today, this weekend and right through into 2017!


Just posted this on Facebook.
Hi all, Happy Friday! Instead of trying to find the best bargain today, why not #celebrate_handmade . When you buy something #handmade from a Designer or Maker, you will receive a truly unique one of a kind piece of art.
There are lots of beautiful things to buy on #Folksy, so why not take a look and be amazed by all the wonderful talent there! x


loving this

This #blackfriday why not #celebrate_handmade instead and support artisans rather than big business? #FridayFeeling

— Elizabeth Clark (@little_bigbird) November 25, 2016


Thank you! That’s brilliant - we will find it and give it some love now :slight_smile:


Just tweeted :sunflower:
This #blackfriday why not get something unique and made with love #celebrate_handmade


Thanks so much for joining in Sharon.

Thank you so much for all your shares, so far!
We’ve been creating pictures from your reasons to celebrate handmade, sharing them on social and adding them to our blog post. Please keep them coming!


Just posted this on instagram & twitter :slight_smile:


I love hand made because it has character rather like the makers and owners.
Anyway my social media is currently awash with tails of the refreshment elf eating all the mince pies (hand made obviously) before my open studio tomorrow so when it gets back to normal (and all the mince pies are eaten) I shall plug celebrate handmade and see what my lovely followers have to say for themselves.

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So much better than wanting us Artists to give huge discounts. Will be looking into this and promoting.

For me, I enjoy knowing that a real person is on the other end of a sale. I always encourage customers to talk to me.


Just added a twitter to the campaign :slight_smile:

That should have said a tweet!

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This afternoon I have been reminded of why I love to make things especially:slight_smile: with the recipient in mind. Got an email this morning from the school Xmas fair I am doing tomorrow reminding stall holders to ensure they have some" pocket money " items for the children to spend on. And did I have any? No…so I had to squeeze a few drops of creative juice and came up with Pompon Pals! and I have had such fun making them !
It’s not art, just fun craft but I hope the children like them as much as I do!

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Thanks Hilary - that was me with a quick morning tweet before I left for work!

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I’ve put a couple of tweets on Twitter. Here’s one of them - I want to #celebrate_handmade because handmade items are lovingly made and not churned out on a production line…


Done! But on my personal FB page (I’ve not used my business one for over a year - tut tut!). However, the post is public and I’ve used the #celebrate_handmade and also the #folksy hashtags, so the post still comes up when you click on them


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