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Celebrating Handmade!

(saralittlelegs) #1

Hi all, I have never been on a forum let alone posted a blog. I am a relative virgin blogger but thought i would post the importance of buying handmade. Its more for our perspective customers, but also to keep it in fellow makers minds about why they make Handmade in the first place. Here is the blog post, hope you like it…its very simple.

Why Buy Handmade?

Its easy to get bogged down with the difficulties of getting the word out as ‘makers’ and also increasing our Client lists. Its just so tough, my philosiphy on this is to group together on occasion and help others. I wrote this post so that i could find a good way for all my fellow artist/maker friends to post to my FB business page ( with ease while not obscuring the point of my own page. I think i will do this at certain intervals to encourage people to buy local, i know so many people that make beautiful handmade items.

A fellow artisan silversmith colleague thanked me for the post saying she had found it really motivating and just what she had needed. This in turn made me feel more upbeat because that was an unexpected but nice comment and last week was pretty horrid. I think every once in awhile we are all either up, down or somewhere in the middle and we can really benefit from the support of others!

Sara wordkey
The Skiving Scholar

(Sue Beacham) #2

Hello Sarah, I Just booted up to folksy and saw your, I have been on folksy a year in January but only started selling my crafts a few weeks ago, so I feel pleased that I have now sold 8 items from my shop, I am on instagram and all my sales are because I am on there, I have my folksy address on there with many of my crafts, so people see them on instragram, see my crafts and then I direct them to my folksy shop. I haven’t sold any items direct from my shop, I don’t know why other than I am not seen on there like instagram.

I love handmade crafts and I have bought from my fellow workers, anyway Im glad Im on folksy and its nice to meet you, I am on face book but it doesn’t help me in anyway so far.

nice to meet you Sara, all the best and have a good day

(saralittlelegs) #3

Dear Sue,
Lovely to hear from you, this is all new to me really. Its quite bewildering lol, its hard to know what you should and shouldnt do. Its also easy to get demotivated. I have had a shop awhile and havn’t sold a thing. I sell mostly to people I know but I dont have many sales at all. I love what i do and also like to buy handmade myself so I am a big advocate! I am struggling to get the word out but know so many talented makers i thought we could all share the post and our pages. It can only help!
Good luck with your shop and keep up the good work!

I will try and do some more blogs and post them here if they are interesting for Folksy people!
Kind regards
Sara Wordley

(Karen Ellam) #4

Hi Sara @saralittlelegs

I enjoyed reading your blog post whilst munching my lunch.
It would be great if more people bought handmade. It’s very difficult trying to be seen in the vast vortex of the Internet.
I despair sometimes that I spend more time promoting than making, it’s all worth it though when a lovely sale appears.

All the best with your shop


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(saralittlelegs) #5

Hi Karen,

I couldnt agree more, i spend alot of time promoting and doing photography and then no one views my page!
We must not depair lol! Its just a tough crowd. I did do some wedding jewellery this year and that made me very happy.
Nice to talk to you, take care and good luck with your shop!

Sara Wordley

(Karen Ellam) #6

Your more than welcome to join in the daily listing challenge Sara @saralittlelegs
It’s a good way of meeting new folks. We look at what each other have made and help to promote by pinning on Pinterest or tweeting.


(CopperTobi) #7

Nice blog :slight_smile: Need to read it properly when find more time :slight_smile:

I’m here on Folksy since July if I’m not wrong, had only 2 sales… have FB page and twitter - trying my best with promo there… but even discount codes not helping… It is not easy to be a handmade jewellery seller…
I’m not giving up so easy, specially when from time to time I have customer from FB groups :slight_smile: I wish I have more sales not only compliments :slight_smile:

Wish you lots of sales and lots of readers of your blog!

(Alex Edwards) #8

Thanks for posting this @saralittlelegs I have liked your FB page and shared your blog post as I though it was definitely worth and read and worth reminding people (and ourselves too!) why it is good to buy handmade! :smile:

(saralittlelegs) #9

Thanks Karen,

It sounds like such a good idea but I cant always get to my PC daily. Im also not sure how all this works, its abit bewildering! Ha. Once i have learnt i will try and join you!
Kind regards
The Skiving Scholar

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(saralittlelegs) #10

Hi TobisiasLilThing,

You right, its just not easy to be a handmade jewellery seller.
Its the reason for reiterating what we all know. But its a message also to perspective customers, its those lovely folk that we are trying to convert in this time pressured era. I love buying things other people have lovingly made.
There is great value in buying handmade, i think its much more thoughful.

I wish you luck, hopefully in the run up to the ‘c’ word we will have more sales!
All the best Sara x

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(saralittlelegs) #11

Thats very kind Alex,

I really like the items on your page, just very cool.
I definitley thinks that its worth reminding people fairly often lol, at the appropriate times.
Plus what you and others make is quite unique and special. They are just not going to get that from a store.
Thanks so much and good luck with those Pumpkins!
Sara The Skiving Scholar xx

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(Kate Adams) #12

Hi Sara,

I’ve just read your blog on buying handmade…very inspirational and what a lovely FB page…some really great pictures, you have just got one big like from me :blush: x

(Amberlilly) #13

All so true @saralittlelegs your hopes for the fair to at least put you in profit, all the promoting is done for the love of it. Totally agree.

(Jenny Baxter) #14

Just linked to your shop from here and been having a browse. You have some scrummy-looking things and are now in my favourites!