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Wedding cake topper - what wire to use?

Hi All,

My little brother is getting married this year & his lovely fiance has asked me to help out with some of the decorations - place settings, table numbers & the cake topper. I’m honoured & excited but just a little nervous - don’t want to mess any of it up!

My query is about the cake topper - I’ll be making them a wire design & I’m just wondering about how to actually stick it into the cake. I wanted to use silver plated copper wire, but I’m not sure if it’s food safe? I’ve not really been to many traditional weddings to see how it’s usually done! Have had a look at some online & there seems to be a real mix of materials used - but I want this to be perfect, both as it’s for family & also as I might consider selling them in future.

If you’ve been to any weddings where they had a cake topper, or if you had one yourself, I’d be really interested to hear what they were made of & how they were attached to the cake.

Many thanks in advance,
Dee x

Maybe you could cut out a base out of sugar paste for your topper to sit on. This would act as a barrier between the topper and the cake.

Thanks Kim! Not sure this would work for what I’m making though - It’s going to be (I think - sister in law yet to decide), a wire heart with their names written in wire, so it needs to stand up. It’s going to have to have a bit which sticks into the cake I think…

Royal icing will dry hard, could you cut a strip of that and fold it over the wire at the base of the heart, shape it into a dagger that can then be used to skewer the cake when its hardened? Or have a spike of wire that can be covered in kitchen foil before its wedged into the cake (the foil could always be covered with icing to make sure it is not visible).

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Oo thanks Sasha - that’s a great idea! I hadn’t even thought of just covering the wire with something - sounds so obvious now lol! Just had a google & you can get plastic tubes (I think meant for stacking tiered cakes) which I think would work. If not then as you say foil would do the job.

Thank you so much! xx

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Or a drinking straw works well, especially if you can pipe some royal icing (egg white and icing sugar) into it to hold your decoration firm.
What fun to be helping with a wedding! :slight_smile:

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Ah - that’s even better as we already have straws!

I know - it’s really exciting, albeit slightly scary - just a bit of pressure!! xx

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At least your soon to be sister-in-law doesn’t sound like a bridezilla!

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No thank goodness - she’s a sweetheart & sooo laid back! The pressure is all me - I’m a bit of a perfectionist! :rofl:

I just finished making a one off cake topper! tho mine was made from card and paper. I was also uumming and aahhing up to the last minute. I used those very fine wooden skewers, probably made for barbques, and a bag was £1.00 from Poundland! Good luck, they are such a fun and creative way to finish a cake, it just took me a while to get my head around it.

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Ah, that sounds lovely - & yes, I expect card would be simpler to attach as it’s lighter. Wire is a bit more awkward but I think the geniuses above have fixed my issue - I’m all about the wire lol so it’s got to be made of wire :smile:
Thanks! I will come back & post photos of everything after the big day!! Assuming all goes well :rofl:

Wire ones do look the bees knees. Good luck with it all.

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I have only recently joined Folksy, so was unable to help, however, for anyone else looking at a similar scenario, when I attach sugarpaste flowers to cakes it is done using flower pics, which come in a variety of sizes. Theycan be bought from any cake decoration supplier.