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Gift boxes for jewellery - help!

Just wondered if I could pick your brains about gift boxes! I’ve just spent quite a lot of money on different sized gift boxes to put my jewellery in. They have a cotton fill inside and I’m wondering if anyone has any tips/ideas on how to secure the jewellery / gifts on to the cotton so they don’t end up in a pile in one corner of the box? I’m going to be selling wire necklaces, stretchy bracelets, earrings, handbag charms, bookmarks, wine charms etc… so all wire or elastic.
Sorry if this seems like a daft question!
Helen x

I have used the cotton fill gift boxes and found the filling too soft and fluffy. I have now bought the velvety lined ones which are more rigid and hold the jewellery well with little cut outs for holding earrings etc - unfortunately they are more expensive.

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Sorry that’s not what you wanted to hear having spent a lot of money on the boxes - the same thing happened to me and could not find a way to secure the jewellery because the filling was just too flimsy.

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Could you get foam pieces cut. Soft but more compact than the fluffy stuff.

I make origami boxes and then pack them out with a thick layer of bubble wrap at the bottom, then tissue paper, the item and then more tissue paper, seems to work ok with minimal settling of contents during transit. You could cut card inserts to fit just inside the boxes to go over the cotton fill and then punch small holes in them for earring posts and hooks, a layer of scrunched tissue paper over the top should hold it all in place. You could try googling to find the foam inserts but it might be better to go back to your original supplier so that you know the inserts will fit the boxes you have.


Hi Helen,

I use a folded layer of acid-free tissue paper, just slightly larger than the size of the box. I curve it slightly over the contents and then fix the lid. That seems to provide just enough friction to prevent too much settling. The thing is that if you use expensive boxes you have to reflect this in your postage and packaging prices and I have been told time and again to keep these low. Nobody has complained to me about my boxes yet so I must be doing something right!

Love Sam x

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I agree with Sam about the P&P costs - these need to be kept as low as reasonably possible. Also check that your boxes once in the jiffy bag or envelope along with any paper work still fit within the postage size bracket that you allowed for in your costings. Once or twice at the beginning I was a couple of millimeters over and things had to go small packet rather than large letter which costs more.

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I have the inserts with the little cut outs in so that it keeps the jewellery in place. I also use acid free tissue on top of the jewellery.

I think if the cotton fill is too flimsy it may be best to replace with firmer inserts or could you use a pouch like organza or something to put the jewellery in and then inside the box?
Or what about small display pins put in to the cotton fill?

If I think of anything else I’ll post again.

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Sorry for my delayed reply - thank you for your replies and suggestions. I did go for the card boxes with cotton fill as they were much cheaper than the velvet lined boxes with hooks. The cotton fill is actually quite compact so after trying various things unsuccessfully (safety pins & sewing pins) I have decided that it should be ok to hook earrings into the fill and then cut slits in the top to push the necklace wire & bracelets into. It doesn’t look as good as the velvet lined with hooks but is better than leaving them unattached. I really like the idea of foam - I will keep my eye out in craft shops or even pound shops!
Thanks all, it’s good to hear how you do things!
Helen x

You can get this in hobbycraft (and almost certainly other places)
I’ve used it for other things and it would probably do the trick if you cut the appropriate shaped notches in it or you could pin things to it.

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oooo that stuff looks good and a low price as well!
Thanks Sasha :smile: x

Velvet pouches or satin pouches (or those mesh ones, not sure what they are made of) work well for transit if you have already bought the boxes. The kind with the draw string. They come in lots of colours to match your brand and different sizes too. You can buy them in bulk so they are not too expensive (places like eBay). Just place it inside the box and it protects the item too. When it arrives they can always take it out of the pouch and place it in the box.

Hi! Helen,

Yes, it’s a problem to know how to package your products. I have turned to a different approach using transparent pillow boxes. As the depths of my items is quite thick these work well for me. I got them from the Bag’n’box Man’. I also ordered some of the filling you speak of and some black lining for use when I needed it to fill some space. The drawback is that they need extra strength when beinf posted out. Nothing’s perfect. I have also used boxes with loops for necklaces and holes in described in another reply you’ve received.

Cheers, Wendy