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Wedding Gift to travel to NZ

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for a wedding gift for my niece & her fiance. I need the gift to be light weight & not too large as it has to be posted to New Zealand along with other items i’m sending.

Price point needs to be under £40 and preferable no artwork as i’m an illustrator and am doing a special commission for them, however i don’t mind paper cutting & wood burning/ laser cut work. Wedding is not tell December but i will be posting out beginning of November at the latest.

I am looking for something with a rustic theme to go with my other gifts…colour palette is off white or shades of taupe’s, with linen, hessian, rustic woods accents. Slightly shabby chic in style but not the full blown flowery distressed vintage style.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve all got!

I have these

They weigh less than 1kg so not too heavy and they can be fully customised so if you have an idea in mind you could send me a photo and I could digitise something similar :grinning: And the message can be changed for a wedding. I have smaller bath and hand towels listed too.
Donna x

I almost forgot, the font can be change too :grinning:

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How about a keepsake journal, to record memories of their wedding day or messages from friends and family. The journal covers are all individually made and come with an A5 sketchbook, so can be used for writing, sketching or scrapbooking. They are made either from handmade felt or fabric/lace collage - they make popular gifts and sell at £29 for the collage ones and £35 for the felt ones.

Here’s an example of each:

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How about a wedding guest book? My shop stock is low as it’s been busy wedding season but I’ll be re-stocking in a couple of weeks.

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I don’t have anything in rustic theme…but I have this set of snowmen which is suitable as a couples’ gift. If you like the idea, we can discuss how it can be done in a more rustic style. They can be made in off white yarn too. They are very light…and they will not melt by the time they reach NZ!

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I have this cushion which fits the rustic theme. It might not be the smallest item to post but it’s not heavy :slight_smile:

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My silk hearts would work well with your theme and still leave plenty in your budget for something else

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My offering is mousy!

Oops I’ll try the mice again


Lot’s more designs in my shop :slight_smile:

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What about a love spoon? There’s some beautiful porcelain ones in this shop. In fact, this shop is absolutely stunning.

Wooden love spoon

Chopping board

Custom hand stamped spoon.

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Thanks ever so much for the idea’s Helen, brilliant! …the porcelain shop (Vanilla Kiln) is on my fav list already tis stunning, must admit i hadn’t seen their love spoons though.

Unfortunately though the chopping board is lovely but with it’s weight & dimensions would cost me a arm & leg to post to NZ. Loving the cake forks though…thinking also for my silver wedding anniversary next year, cos there will defiantly be cake! x

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Have bought 2 custom hand stamped metal spoons and they are lovely. One was for our wedding anniversary and I put it in an ikea square deep box frame. Looks really smashing : )

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What a fabulous idea! :slight_smile:

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Hello Group, Just seen the title of the post and thought to pop in and say hi, as well as inform you about the service my shop provides. I’m a Painter and I do Fine Art Commissions of Children and any other theme. If you like t know more here is my shop and can see samples as well. Drop me a line if you have an enquiry.

Perhaps a gift tag for the present…

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Thank you Ephie but as i already popped in my post i am not looking for artwork as i am an illustrator & artist myself and am already doing a commission for the happy couple.

There is also a price point budget that needs to be adhered too & your products are far above that price point but thank you for taking the time to introduce us to your artwork.

Hi, how about personalised wedding box with names and wedding date engraved? it is a wooden box so it is light and you can also choose a size.

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Thanks if you want to discuss a better price get in touch.
Kind Regards Ephie Kay Art-ist