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Weekly Art Chart Thread - w/c 24th August 2015

Morning all, today could be an interesting one at work. My boss comes back after more than a fortnight on leave. He doesn’t know that I don’t now sit in the same block as him, or that he’s not going to be my manager any more very shortly!

Lovely sunsets Brenda, the autumn one from yesterday is stunning!

Lovely work in here everyone …

The weeks go so quickly I haven’t been able to keep up with the thread at the moment, but great to see the thread so chatty :slight_smile:

It is fun that’s for sure …Thank you for posting the video Brenda, I’m having fun with the Zentangles, and yes it is very relaxing and a good alternative for me to be creative anywhere, as with my waxing I need to be in the studio, I can do drawing and tangling on my lap so can be with hubby and not tucked away in my studio sometimes. There are lots of styles in this art form, I tend to be a bit free hand rather than with a ruler, it is great to watch others doing it :slight_smile: My new pens arrived yesterday so I’m going to be having a play today, I now have ones with a tiny fine nib so will be able to get more detail :slight_smile:

I did a blog post about the fun I am having with both the drawing and the patchwork wax paintings inspired by my tangles …

Seems I having a computer morning rather than a painting morning as I have work todo so I’ve been doing some listing adjustments here today and have now listed some of my new Tangle inspired pieces and a new Poppy Cottage …

I won’t bore the thread by posting lots of pictures so please pop over to my shop to see the others, this is the Poppy Cottage one …


Hazel you could never bore us with your lovely paintings! I love the patchwork poppy one in particular. Are you planning any smaller sized patchwork paintings at all?

Good Morning Margaret and thank you … its funny you should say that only I did have a play with drawing some miniature tangeld flowers yesterday now I have my new pens :smile:

My plan was for this morning to try a couple of wax ones about ACEO size to see if I could get smaller in wax, at the moment I’m tied to the computer as I have my web work and admin hats on, but maybe after lunch I’ll ignore the phones and have a paint :slight_smile:

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Doodles are definitely the thing at the moment, I bought my daughter a pack of doodle colour your own postcards so that she both relax and can keep in touch when she goes off to uni this autumn.

Here’s my listing for today, along the same lines

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They really are aren’t they Stephie? … lots of “grown up” colouring books in the shops too so your idea is spot on I would say :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to seeing your ACEOs in this style Hazel! :smile:

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I’ve painted one, but want to paint the other one I have in my head before I show them, just had to pop back online as hubby needs me to do a bit of work for him, hes onsite (decorator) and I’m the front-person so to speak so I’ve got my admin hat back on for a few minutes.

I was having a look at the Folksy Gift Guides today and it was nice to see a couple of my paintings appearing and also @twinkleandgloomart Lowri you have one in “Bookworms” and Unusual Gifts, Stephie @StephanieGuy your work is featured in “Cat lovers” too. I didn’t look at all the sections but great to see our little art group getting in the guides :slight_smile:


That’s really nice to hear Hazel, thanks. I don’t tend to look in the guides as I get disheartened by the lack of exposure.

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I don’t often go to the folksy home page but was checking out an idea for a gift I need do thought why not look here first.

This is what I painted today.
Each is ACEO size … The patchwork style inspired by my zentangles seems to Work this small. Margaret @Louisa15 :slight_smile:


Evening all, lovely art today, glad you found us again Kelly lol!. I have just pinned and stumbled your lovely picture :smile:

Love the lighthouse Stephie, I just cut a load of ACEO size cards for art class, in my head I want to try some ‘Clarice Cliff’ style works from my Cornwall Pictures with pen and ink! no idea how they will turn out but it’s fun to play :smile:

Oh dear Margaret, I hope your boss in not too upset, what a thing to do!

Gorgeous colours in that one Brenda

I’ll be interested to see your ACEO wax zentangles Hazel - edit ooh Hazel your in the weekly nesletter well done you!


lol…Thank-you Max :slight_smile:

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Yes how exciting. That’s a first for me -blush - :slight_smile:

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Colour your own postcards sound great fun Stephie!

Fab ACEOs Hazel, I was sure you could do small versions! :smile: You’ll be doing dolls house ones next!

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They are fun aren’t they Margaret :slight_smile:

Good morning, I’ve been awake since 4am :sleepy:, got an early start anyway off to Chippenham today, I wanted to get up early but not really that early lol! I’m gonna be tired later on I guess :).

just listed this one

That is lovely Max … I’ve been awake early too … not good is it !!!

I have just listed my three new zentangle inspired ACEO paintings …

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Humph…I am always overlooked when admin choose pics…face doesn’t fit.
Never mind
My painting for today is an alpine view…just missing is Julie Andrews