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Weekly Art Chart Thread - w/c 24th August 2015

The place to show and chat about all things art related, everyone is welcome, just jump right in :slight_smile:

God morning, waving hi to everyone :wave:, loved your piece last evening Lowri. Looking forward to a short week ths week I have Friday off and Monday too, yeah for a long weekend! and lots of painting planned, I have almost run out of ACEO’s!


I forgot and replied to last week’s thread! I’ve always been a bit behind the times!lol

Have a great week everyone! :smile:

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Argh I forgot too, the only downside of no longer being a monthly thread.

Waving everyone, here’s my latest blogpost on my sketch diary

I’m glad I’m not the only one! Your sketch diary is looking fab! I’m full of admiration that you’ve kept it up so long.

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Afternoon all…had a busy few days too and still busy…
I found this youtube demo about zentangles that I am sharing for Hazel and anyone else interested…

I didn’t expect it to upload the video…if it isn’t allowed them perhaps admin can remove it for me but I don’t think it is against the rules as it is not selling anything and might get some people trying a different art form.

I don’t see a problem Brenda, and it might get more people trying this fascinating artform! :slight_smile:

I hope so Margaret…I won’t be offended if it is removed , but hopefully it won’t be…I just expected it to leave the link and not a clickable video !!
Zentangling is reported to be very therapeutic and calming…and anything goes, so anyone can do it.
Here is my listing for today

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I enjoyed watching that Brenda, thanks for posting it. You’ve reminded me that I have a doodle lighthouse somewhere waiting to list. Love the colours in that scene Brenda, the shops are full of Autumn colours now so you’re bang on trend :slight_smile:

evening all, lol I only just remembered it was Monday too! lovely colours in that Brenda, definitely a chill in the air now :slight_smile:

Lovely colours int hat one @teabreaks.

I’m working on something a bit different today- based on my girlies ofcorse.


Interesting! What is your base?

Stuffed Fabric- I’m experimenting with making Twinkle & Gloom ‘Worry dolls’.
I’ve drawn on this one- there are changes I’ll be making to follow up dolls but she’s so cute in person.


I love her! Leaving her armless was inspirational

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Thanks! I was going to paint arms on her- but I find her more aesthetically pleasing without arms. Sometimes I miss out limbs on my girls, sometimes they are footless, or handless, I’ve made a few armless, I like to celebrate the unconventional!

ha ha Stephie…I was going to comment in my usual flippant way that she was (H)armless …lol


I think your doll looks cute without arms too Lowri, your girls are always unusual and that adds to the appeal of the unconventional.

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Good morning waving hi to everyone :wave. She is rather lovely Lowri, I think your style could also lend itself to ‘russian’ dolls, they would look great :smile:

have a great day everyone

Morning all…my listing for today is a sunset aceo