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Weekly Art Chat 7th - 13th April 2014

Come on in, show your art and join the chat!

You are very welcome to post photos of your artwork, ask questions, and comment if you want to.

All kinds of art welcome, it doesn’t have to be a painting.

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Thought we should try out the weekly thread and see how it goes - best to do this in testing phase rather than confuse everyone!

One question - now that Sara has started a post and run gallery, do you think this thread should live in the craft talk category instead? I’ve started a discussion on the old forum’s daily art thread so that everyone can join in.

I’m off to take some pics of 2 new cat sketches, back shortly…

I’ve moved the thread to craft talk and changed the name back so that it includes the word chat again.

Here are my latest sketches:

I think being in the Craft Talk section is the natural home for this thread, for although we do post our works here, there’s a lot more to it than that… it’s a good place to bounce ideas about and sound out what we’re trying too…

Nice cats Stephie.

Meantime, this is my latest work, I tend to agree with your previous comments that to show how the framed picture would look is the way to go.

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Lovely work Stephie and Trevor :slight_smile:

I too think Craft Talk is the place for the thread …

I have commented on the weekly verses daily issue, on today’s old forum Art and ACEO thread, as have others … maybe if admin are reading this it might be worth looking in there too, as people who can not yet post here also have opinions :slight_smile:


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Link to old forum discussion


Good idea Stephie … I should of thought of putting a link in.

Thank you


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Hopefully we have cleared the air now …

Will be great to see some of the regular posters here soon, as I understand it a lot more people will be able to post from tomorrow :slight_smile:

This is one of my bright and cheerful Sunflowers …
Painted with a specialist handmade wax paint onto wood panel …
This painting was done 6 months ago and is now fully cured and ready for a new home …

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Cute cats Stephie, beautiful scene Trevor, looks superb framed. Those wood panels look fab Hazel. It will be so much better when we get more people here it’s a bit too quiet here at the moment.

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I agree Margaret … Not that it’s not good to talk to you, but is hard keeping things going here and in the old style forum too … Be good when it’s changed over for real now I think :slight_smile:

What with chatting on the forums and being busy with web work and doing admin etc for our decorating biz I’ve not had time to paint but I did do a sketch today ready for next time I get waxing - the sketch is just to remind myself of what I want to try out in wax :slight_smile:


Hope you get sime waxing time tomorrow :sunny:

I still have a long to do list but yes I hope I can get in the studio today Margaret, I have lots of ideas I want to try out … both for some postcard size landscapes and on some hand painted cards :slight_smile:

This is one of my hand painted cards … Lavender


Nice Hazel, I like lavender - the pot we grew last year was lovely and it’s already developing well for this… Our spring dislpay of daffs and tulips at the top of the garden look good - it’s their first season so we were a little unsure of how they would look, but they’ve come out nice:

Once they die back we’ll be planting out our astilbes and antirrhinums there - we tried them last year and they looked really good :smile:

Right, now for my new listing - yet another river picture I’m afraid…


Morning, happy Wednesday everyone!

Fab river scene Trevor. Your daffies and Tulips are gorgeous - I really love spring flowers, they’re so colourful.

Lovely lavender card Hazel, so simple and very effective.

Here’s my new listing, this is the view from the popular Ty Coch Inn Pub on the beach at Porthdinllaen on the Llŷn Peninsula (just below Anglesey) in Wales. It’s a truly beautiful place, a lot like Cornwall but without the crowds and not as far for me to travel.


Ah, that’s nice Stephie - when I was doing watercolours I did a lot of pictures like that, mainly out of my mind’s eye, and it’s a style I really like

not sure how to do this, or if it will work…not even sure about an avatar…but hey…help…lol

trying posting today’s new listing

How do I post a listing picture then?
can’t find any instructions on how to use this forum…ha ha…I am going to drive you all insane with questions…lol

Hi Brenda!

There’s some tips here, including how to post a picture:
Tips for using the forums