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Weekly Art Chat W/C 10th August

Good Morning :smile:

Max, just seen your journal on last weeks thread - looks fab!

Hope everyone has a good, productive week :slight_smile:

Morning Sara

It was a busy week for me last week, didn’t get on the forum very much, lost going on here, work and art wise :slight_smile:

Hope you all have a good Monday, I’ve been up early doing admin for our decorating biz and now I’m off to paint a picture I have planned over the weekend … a Cat, not my normal subject but I have painted miniature ones before, so I’ll see how I get on !!!

Look forward to seeing all your art this week


morning all…it is pouring with rain and quite dark here…I need to take some photos but it will have to wait until it brightens up a bit…
Oh well…another cuppa it is then…
In the mean time here is one I did earlier.

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Morning all, hope you all have a productive, creative week ahead of you :smile:

Max, I was just admiring your journal on last week’s thread, so pretty.

Good luck with the cat Hazel, I’m sure it will be fab!

Gorgeous fantasy fairy Brenda, a lovely face and the combination of purple and glitter is so ‘you’! :slight_smile:

Brenda, that fairy is gorgeous!

Hazel, good luck with the cat. I do loads of animals, but have to confess I find cats the hardest - I think it’s because we’ve never been owned by one, so I’ve not had much face to face cat time.

It’s dark and gloomy here too, the roadworks are still going on, and we have the threat of thunderstorms - oh joy! Mind you, it’s sooo muggy, we could do with a storm to clear the air.

I should be safe showing you these here - they are a dolls house commission I’ve done for someone on FB, but I can’t show them there yet as they are a gift for someone who might see them there.

These are 1 x 0.75"


Love them Sara, I can’t do cats, they always look like dogs…lol

Sara, you get amazing detail into such a small space! Painting tiny animals must be very challenging. Your cat has a lovely face and gorgeous eyes. Love the blue background too, really sets it off. The dog has such a lovely expression and I’m sure there must be a reason why he’s wearing a hat!lol

Good afternoon Margart and Brenda

Your animals are wonderful Sara, these tiny ones are very detailed. your bunnies are still my favourite thou :slight_smile: we have one on our tree at Christmas.

My cat, is a little black kitten and is for my niece, we had a lovely time with family over the weekend and one of our nieces is mad about cats. So this little ACEO is for her :smile:

@teabreaks your fairy is beautiful, it reminds me of Glastonbury town <3

@DandelionsGallery and @HazelRayfield your animals are lovely. I love the tindy doggy Sara.

I’m working away, I’ve been working on a male figure for a change, all my figures are girls so I’ve been working on a dorky little dude.

Afternoon, everyone!
Didn’t manage to get on the forum last week, but great to see the work that has been shown on here today. Brenda’s fairy is beautiful and the animals are fantastic from Sara and Hazel - the dog has such an expressive face! I never have any luck when I try drawing or painting animals, but I do enjoy painting and drawing buildings!!
Waving Margaret and Lowri! :slight_smile:
Here’s a doorway I’ve just done as an ACEO…

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Lovely work @phoenixprojects, I really love all these small scale pieces. :smile:

Here’s some of my sketchbook pieces from last night inc’ the boy, I quite like the black and white figures against the coloured background. Today I’ve been painting up some new girls and will ink them up once dry.

love the ‘dorky boy’ Lowri!lol Still recognisably yours though :smile:

Hazel I’m sure your niece will love the cat, seems you can paint anything in wax and it looks good.

Pam, love that doorway. I’m very fond of doorways, and number 8s in particular. I was born in the living room of a house number 8 one street away from where I live now :slight_smile: The brickwork is very effective and the hostas are pretty.


Thank you Margaret you are very kind :smile:
I like your dorky dude Lowri his very smart looking.
I agree with Margaret your door is great Pam I really like the brickwork.

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Afternoon everyone, Lowri @twinkleandgloomart your dude reminds me of the 60’s, I think it’s very ‘mod’ I can see him in a polo neck with a poetry book too :).

lovely doorway Pam, I agree you brickwork has lovely depth

Waving Hazel, cute cats, I guess the wax will give a lovely ‘fur’ texture to touch. I was commission a cat this weekend too, a black in silhouette on old diary page.

Your dog in a hat is fabulous Sara, he looks very cheeky

Your fairy is just stunning Brenda, I’m loving the cling film wings, very effective


Good morning,waving hi to everyone :wave: thought I would show another of my mixed media scrapbooks today :smile: it’s on that auction site. Have a lovely day everyone, back later to catch up

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Another gorgeous journal Max.

Have a great day everyone! :smile:

Morning all…no rain, but no sunshine either.
Today I have am impressionist dove of peace


That’s pretty Brenda, and very delicate. Love the clingfilm effects you’ve been using lately.

Waving everyone, I’m back from a 2 day trip to the lakes. We walked up Cat Bells on Sunday (it’s only a short walk but I’d forgotten how much of a slog it is to the top) and then visited Blackwell House (a truly awesome Arts and Crafts house well worth a visit if you’re ever near Windermere yesterday.

There is some fab art on display here, I especially like Brenda’s glitter fairy and Max’s journal.

I’m still catching up with my listings, this one is from my hols in Cornwall at the end of July.


You’re getting out and about a fair bit lately Stephie! I really like this style with the black and white combined with the vibrant border, makes it really stand out :smile: