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Welcome to the Discourse forum usability test!

Agree Nifty, fun for five minutes, a virtual pain in the derriere thereafter :smile: Oops a smile slipped in…

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@SianFolksy this 20 character thing is REALLY annoying, can it be got rid of?


only if the baboon forces you to, Joy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I totally agree anything goes (within reason) while we’re testing, that’s what testing is for. It’s hypocritical of me really cos I loved being a giffer on ebay, but we were restricted to threads of like-minded lunatics. If we dared venture into the wider forums we got things thrown at us.

I think emoticons are very helpful sometimes, they can help show tone.


Absolutley, I think emoticons are essential to show tone. It’s the big in-your-face gifs that become annoying.

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The moving ones give me migraine - I tend not to visit forums with them.
I bet there will be madness here for a while when it is made public - before the novelty wears off.



Only just twigged the quick way to get back to the top of the thread - green bar with up and down arrows to the right of here .

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Thanks for that tip @littleRamstudio, I hadn’t twigged either!

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thank goodness one of us is paying attention ( I hadn’t realised either)

Was getting bloomin’ worn out with all that scrolling…

I agree that the use of gifs and moving images is annoying after a very short time, so hope their use will be curtailed.

The 20 character thing is annoying too. Though I chat so much it’s rarely a problem for me!

One thing I’ve just noticed is that whereas on the old forum, if I was browsing and wanted to check out someone’s shop all I had to do was click on their name and I’d be taken to their shop. Now I’m not, I just get the option to message them or read their profile.

For example, I was browsing here and was admiring someone’s item. I clicked on it but it wasn’t a clickable link, so I clicked on their name thinking I’d have a look for the item in their shop, but that doesn’t work here. It seems the forum is more separate from the actual shops here than the old one unless the items click through. Just an observation…

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Good point and very useful to know that Margaret.

Well spotted Louisa15.

Not liking that at all, we often pop into other shops by just clicking on their Avatar.
Would hate to see that option go in the new style forums.

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it is possible for us to put our shop links in our profile, but I guess everyone hasn’t realised that yet.

That would be a good idea if everyone did it. It’s a bit of a longer way round. I’m surprised it’s necessary to do it that way.

Nor had I. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve changed my website to point to my shop now - I did have it pointing at my blog because I thought there would be an automatic pointer to my shop.

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I really would like to just be able to do a single click on avatar to get into the shop as we are accustomed to. I currently use that all the time.
Maybe click avatar could = profile, click name underneath avatar could = folksy shop

@SianFolksy is that doable ?


Question that might have been answered earlier but can’t find it now…

@SianFolksy - the green and blue bubbles with numbers in positioned at the top right of the page, what do they denote?
Keep clicking on them to try and work it out but still clueless.