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Well, that's a first

Yesterday afternoon, I listed a new item and by the evening it had sold! That has to be my fastest sale yet… and one step closer to my first high five :smiley: I’m sure it’s a regular occurrence for some of you, but it’s an encouragement for me.


Its happened to me once and with a product that had driven me to tears trying to photograph it. Its a great feeling isn’t it.


Yes, it is. I’m sure yours made the extra effort seem worthwhile too.

Hi my very first sale was within 3 hrs and I can’t keep my Christmas Tree and snowman sets pn for long at all. My first job was as a diamond miller and you have some lovely things in your shop nice to see craftsmanship at work.

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I think it must have been this lovely thing :slight_smile:
Not surprised you sold it.
Wonder if your customer saw it on your Facebook post ?

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Well I could absolutely not resist that snowman so don’t know how long ago you listed it but it’s mine now ! xxxx

Thank you, Mel. I have seen some lovely things in your shop too. An uncle of mine used to do woodturning, so I certainly appreciate some of what’s involved. I love how the wood influences the end result but with your own creativity… Teamwork!

Thanks, Joy. Indeed, it was! I’d like to think my Fb page would lead someone to my shop, but Fb does seem to be a long, slow haul. Either way, am grateful!

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That’s brilliant! :smile: The best I’ve managed is within a few days of listing and that was this week so I’m chuffed with that.

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