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Wet and Windy Friday

(Joy Salt) #1

Looks as if I will be having a Black Friday after all, just not the same sort as the American sale version…

Weather forecast is wet and windy and I have a stall on Uttoxeter High Street (outside, that is :frowning: ) for the Victorian Christmas Market.

I’ve done the last 3 of these.
1st and 3rd - brilliant.
2nd - wet and windy - very, very nearly went home before I’d finished setting up and spent my time retrieving things from across the street.

Wish me luck !

(Tanith Rouse) #2

Oh no, fingers crossed for a change in the forecast. Sending non windy vibes!
I’ve got a stall on Saturday, it’s supposed to be heavy rain all day :frowning:

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Good luck, hopefully the forecast is wrong.
I’ll be holding a pop up open studio with mince pies and mulled wine for those brave enough to come out, quite a lot of the artists in cambridge do it on the same weekend so people can tour round.

(Roz) #4

I’ve learnt my lesson regarding fairs in windy weather - lightweight felt scarves don’t do wind! I still do some outdoor fairs but have to admit if its not sheltered and that wind is blowing I would rather lose the stall fee than spend my time chasing things up the road! Fingers crossed for a change in forecast, I have a 2 day event this weekend, indoors but still hoping for good weather otherwise the punters stay at home.

(clementinegifts) #5

Good luck! I am with you in thought as I am doing an outdoor one on 5th December, am planning snow shoes…

(Joy Salt) #6

I have a fleece fringed shawl and I can fit about 4 layers underneath. not elegant but we are asked to dress in Victorian style and I go for poor Victorian !
but… it’s not the cold I mind, it’s cold rain. Glass is icy to the touch in rain

(Sasha Garrett) #7

Get a large bit of thick cardboard to stand on - we have a local winter fair on the 5th and having done it before I can confirm the difference to your feet that having that bit of cardboard makes.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #8

Joy, Sasha is right, get your feet off the cold ground, it makes all the difference, cardboard, old door mat… alternatively stuff a hottie up yer jumper, or down your waist band.
Me, I will be on the sidelines watching daughter No1 playing hockey! ( She is the smallest goalie you have ever seen).,but I will be thinking of you, good luck and happy selling,
Suzzie x

(Joy Salt) #9

Thanks Sasha, you are quite right. In the garage in front of my bench I stand on a spare piece of star carpet. I never kneel on it without first ensuring something is between my skin and the carpet as it’s full of glass chips… but it does keep my feet warm. xx

(Christine Shephard) #10

Hope the weather forecast is wrong Joy - it’s not nice when it’s wet & windy! I did a fair last weekend and the Saturday was really windy and cold, but at least I was in a marquee! Brrr…I don’t do cold weather well :slight_smile:

Good luck, hope you make loads of sales anyway!

(Karen Ellam) #11

Oh no what an awful weather forecast for your Stall :frowning:

Wrap up warm. I hope it goes well for you.

Karen :blush:

(Joy Salt) #12

After the 2nd, wet and windy one, ,my daughter and I spent 20 minutes searching all round the stall for one missing green earring. I found it a week later, it had blown into a box with some pink ones !

I do hope the weather is not as forecast. Not only is it extremely difficult to set up it also means that people don’t come and if they do they don’t stay long. Just wait for the lights to go on and then they go.
Having said that I have a prime spot - first stall down from the Town Hall.

(Rosesworkshop) #13

Best of luck Joy!
Actually one of my best events ever was a day like that - I think the customers felt sorry for us.

I’m going to be having a Soggy Saturday

(Andie) #14

Here’s hoping we all get decent weather for our markets. I’m also at an outdoor Victorian market on Saturday from 10 in the morning until 6 at night as they turn the Christmas lights on in our town at 5. If any of you ladies have a Lidl locally they’ve got insulating insoles for your shoes in at the minute, they have a metallic surface on to reflect the heat back into your feet or maybe the cold out, I haven’t read the instructions yet lol, so they might be worth a try. I’ve got some so I’ll report back afterwards. Here’s to good sales for us all x

(Joy Salt) #15

Good luck to you and all the other Folksy Folk with Christmas events this weekend.

(Annie Storkey) #16

You have my sympathy, I’m doing the village fete on Saturday, the only craft stall I ever do, and they might cancel those of us in the marquees due to high winds. I’m torn between whether I will be mourning the potential loss of sales or being glad my marquee (I have a 6 metre marquee which they borrow) won’t get destroyed.

(Joy Salt) #17

Forecast unchanged :frowning:
Rain starts at 3pm - as I start setting up
Rain stops at 9pm - as I finish taking down.

Was it something I said ?

Come on Black Friday cloud - you don’t need to do this. Go away and come back later - about 9pm would be quite ok by me :slight_smile:

(Andie) #18

Well I hope everyone had a better event than I did, packed up at 2 o’clock as the wind made it just too dangerous to carry on. When a 16 stone husband is the only thing heavy enough to hold a tarp down and even he’s struggling you know it’s time to call it a day. On the plus side those insoles really worked and my feet were warm and toasty even if nothing else was x

(Joy Salt) #19

Sorry about the wind but glad your feet are warm.

I had some really good luck on Friday when we had to pack up in a torrential storm. My husband had asked his daughter if she would fancy helping on my stall (she’s only recently move back near us from abroad). She was really useful and caught on really quickly to the way I do everything but oh boy was she, and her husband handy, when we dismantled everything in 15 minutes - usually takes min. 45 but needs (and driving rain) must !!