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What a whirlwind of an August!


I’m just grabbing five minutes whilst the coast is clear :blush:

Well life has changed a lot since August started… Many of you know I now have a gorgeous puppy who is an absolute beauty. He is a real handful, and my little Folksy shop has gone on hold for a little while so I can give him my full attention.
I couldn’t ask for a better furry buddy :heart_eyes:

He has been helping me through quite a tough time.

My Mum had an heart attack about three weeks ago :cry:
It was totally out of the blue and a complete shock for everyone.
After many tests it was confirmed she needed a triple heart bypass pronto…
I am pleased to say the op was a real success and she’s now back at home recovering with my Dad…
I am so so proud of her. She’s been through such a lot and shown such courage and determination to get better…

So yes August has been abit of a whirlwind…

Hope your all keeping well, and sales are flying in.
I can’t remember when my last sale was, but I have done zero promotion since July so I’m not surprised really.

I’m hoping to get back into things slowly once the routine falls back into place. :smile:

Karen x


Oh no! What a nightmare it must have been! I remember it well- my mum had a quadruple bypass (sorry that sounds like oneupmanship and I really don’t mean it that way) 20 years ago this December. It took her a while to recover but she’s still crafting away now at 84. I know what it feels like when it comes totally out of the blue!
The new puppy will help to keep you going - I’d love one but hubby keeps putting me off!
Take care and hope your mum recovers quickly
Di :bouquet:
Ps do we get some sneak peeks of the puppy?

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Gosh, what a month for you, I’m glad to hear that your Mum is home and I wish her all the best for a great recovery, it’s very scary when something like that happens.
It’s nice that you have your new pup to keep you occupied. :+1:

Oh dear I am sorry to hear about your mum, hope she makes a good recovery .
I think it’s a good idea you have the pup as it can keep every body happy with it’s funny ways . Good luck with mum.

Sorry to hear about your Mum. Wishing her all the best for a full and speedy recovery. I’m glad that the puppy is helping you through a difficult time.

Sending your mum lots of love and a speedy recovery, hope you’re ok too!

I can understand how you feel, my husband was in hospital for the Instagram fortnight. Fortunately he’s on the mend now. August has been real whirlwind. Thinking of all the poorly peeps :grinning: