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What's your next project?

My next project includes making these colourful patchwork cushion covers.These do really well at my craft fairs .Again I’m using my favourite Kaffe Fassett fabrics.


Ooooh pretty! We’re working on adding more items to create a collection to match this lovely pendant :slight_smile:

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I’m not surprised they do well @Lindaleonard, they are lovely and colourful. That’s a beautiful design too @VioletJewellery, very nice!

I’m doing an inventory of all my stock, then holding lots of offers to discount or strategically get rid of the old lines. One of my two shops will then close. I’m then going to do some new birthday cards and a new floral collection (which is in progress). Sort of get the feeling I am doing too much at once but everything links into each other so it all has to be balanced! Got a new logo designed last week so am about to launch that too!!

Ive been cutting glass pieces out to solder some Xmas houses using battery operated tea lights inside. I hate cutting glass, so scary.
Awful photo but hopefully you can just about see the pieces.

Your cards and pictures are beautiful and very unusual ,I take stock after every fair ,and list what I need to remake .Still got one or two older items I’d rather sell .Most of my items are one offs,at different fair venues different things are popular.
Next year I need to sort a logo out,and will be doing more designer fairs .Only had my business for two years,so very happy so far except would to sell more on line.

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No pain no gain! Love the enthusiasm of creating a new project.Sounda really creative and Chritmassy ,will look for finished product .