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What are your "get crafting" rules?

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I seem to be procrastinating.
After deciding to reduce the number of disiplines I work in, I seem to have slowed down my output.
I have plans and ideas in the pipeline but can’t seem to get of my derriere to make them come to life.

So I need a new rule, make at least 1 thing a day that can be sellable, even if that’s a topper for a Christmas card.

What are your rules of motivation you use to get making?

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(Bizzy Liz) #2

When I’m short on inspiration, I tend to have several “play” sessions with inks, paint, paper/fabric, stamping and make a few bits that may or may not end up in/on something.

I then put my samples into a giant clear photo hanging display (like this:
and then it’s always on display for future projects and/or inspiration.

I have been doing more playing than actual making lately though!

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

A lot of my items can’t be completed in one day.

So I brake things down into stages and aim to get one stage done every day until the project is completed.

If a stage doesn’t take too long I might get more stages completed, but the rule is at least one stage must get completed every week day.

I don’t work Sunday’s and I pick and choose if I spend any time ‘at work’ Saturday by Saturday, for instance I had to post a customers order out this morning as I was unable to get to the post office before it closed yesterday.

Today I have done a little drawing as a try out for a postcard I’ll be painting on Monday, I’ll also if I’ve a spare moment look out some fabric for the journal I’m making.

I never have more than 3 projects for my shop on the go at one time. I find I work better that way it means if I get to a point on one where I’m waiting for something to dry I can work on another project.

(Sue) #4

Ha ha, I’m never short of inspiration, just time, I love working and have difficulty switching off the ideas that come into my head, but there are many times when I’m not happy with the way a product is turning out :confused:

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(Roz) #5

I try to decide how much time I have available for crafting the night before (have to fit it around the day job) and then make a list of things that I need/want to do so I have something to work to. I don’t always follow the list - if inspiration arrives and I veer off in another direction thats fine, at least I am crafting but if I have something to work to it means I don’t waste time thinking about what I could do. Doesn’t always work mind - I’m a dab hand at procrastinating!

(Marg) #6

I have been a bit lazy with my shop recently, not making much for sale. I have ideas in the pipeline, but I am having a break from Folksy during the summer, possibly into the winter, so I am selling all my stock at 50% off, as I feel I need a fresh start.

I have been really busy lately making patchwork quilts and lap quilts for my family. My niece is getting married in July, so I have made her bridesmaids’ bags, and her husband to be wants me to make him a patchwork quilt, so I will have to start that soon.

I craft on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday when I have the house to myself, and other days when my hubby doesn’t want to build his model trains (we share a workroom).

(James Alden) #7

Take a complete break,get out and about,you will soon come home all fired up,have a break away from it all for a couple of days and get a new perspective.

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(Pauline Vinall) #8

I totally agree with you taking a couple of days out , the brain gets tired and after fresh air , some lovely walks I am always willing to start again

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(James Alden) #9

I usually find it is because I have got stressed over the dead horse stuff of every day life and I have all these ideas that I can’t get to work on racing around in my mind.

(Tina Martin) #10

I too make lists of things to be done, but then I loose it. When I’m not feeling very inspired I just take a pencil and paper, sketch and see what happens. :slight_smile:

(Paula Rayson) #11

If I want to create but can’t find the mojo, I try reorganising my gemstones and usually find inspiration. At one point I covered my dining table in a layer of my storage boxes, looking at the all the time and different gems next to each other could trigger a design. It was once just the coffee table but the stash got too big :wink:.

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(Emma) #12

I’ve just had a few days off as I seriously lacked my mojo and inspiration! It did me the world of good as today I’ve drawn 4 new designs and even managed to make a batch of one new design :slight_smile:
So I guess what I’m trying to say is take a step back for a few days and then see how you feel x

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(James Alden) #13

It is the only way, if I force myself then I turn out a load of mediochre dross,go away and come back to it.

(Rhiannon Rose) #14

I tidy up my workspace. By the time I’ve done that, I’m buzzing with ideas. Then I make it all messy again…

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(Sara Leigh Thornton) #15

My ‘get crafting’ rule is simple - it’s my living, and if I don’t do any painting/creating I won’t earn any money to live on :smiley:

(Helen Healey) #16

I have the opposite problem of needing “get crafting” rules - I need “stop crafting” rules! I have a full-time job which gets in the way so I have to be careful not to let my crafting take over the whole of my spare time. My housework and much-loved garden get neglected. The lovely weather over the last few days has encouraged me to put the crafting on the backburner and do some gardening though. It’s the housework I really struggle to force myself to do!

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(Sasha Garrett) #17

My craft is my living which is normally a pretty good incentive to do something but on the days when I really don’t want to make something then do all the mundane jobs like putting business cards in gift bags and getting packaging materials ready for my next selling event the tedium normally allows my brain to come up with some bright ideas.

(Rosesworkshop) #18

I find that doing some of the boring stuff such as accounts or housework is enough to get me desperate for my craft room again :smile:

(Grimm Exhibition) #19

Eek! Accounts, you reminded me I have to do my SA form!

(Angela Finch) #20

When I lose inspiration I tend to play games on my Xbox 360. If that goes on too long, then its time to learn something new or follow a tutorial. That always gives me ideas.