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What do you like wearing on the weekends?

Yeah, a pair of uggs tends to last me 2 years. I buy a new pair every other winter- due a pair in a few months! Haha I always just get the regular mid-height ones in the chestnut colour. And even though they’re like £170 a pair I feel as though I get my money’s worth- I wear them for most of the year living on the north east coast. And when they start to get a bit knackered they become allotment boots. Haha
I love not having to wear socks with them, even in the winter. Though i’m not precious with mine like some people I know - I’ll go out in then rain or snow, after all, sheep seem to be pretty well insulated. Haha

Your new pair sound interesting!!

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Am I the only one then to put jewellery on even when I’m only going to be gardening? I just realised I’ve been out shifting pots around and weeding in my pearls!lol


Lots of skirts and t-shirts for me, and always dangly earrings! My husband laughed at me the other day because I had dangly earrings in and underwear on and that was it- I choose my clothes afterwards :smile::smile: I have loads of pairs so I have to make sure they all get worn!


another member of the pj fan club here

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Margaret @Louisa15 you’re hilarious lol. :laughing:

Teresa @ShirleyRainbow you made me laugh! Louise @trawdensoapkitchen I’m so glad we have another pyjama fan! x :thumbsup:


@ Margaret, Nothing wrong with gardening in your pearls. I was gardening with a string of long love beads dangling, it was an accident waiting to happen!


Jeans & leggings and t-shirts for me and cut-off’s when it’s warm. Sometimes skirt or dress if I’m going out somewhere ‘nice’ :wink: but I always wear earrings, dangly ones of course. :slight_smile:


I don’t have pierced ears, so earrings (even pearl ones!) aren’t an option for me :smile:

I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, in fact I don’t even wear my engagement ring during the week. It’s silver, as I don’t really like gold, so I don’t want it to tarnish with my hands always being in water and all the different oils and butters.