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What do you like wearing on the weekends?

What do you enjoy wearing on the weekends?I like wearing jeans and a jumper with a my trainers.

Comfy, sporty clothes eg. t-shirt plus jeans :slight_smile: Funny is I like to wear them also during the week :slight_smile:

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I live in jeans and t-shirts during the week whilst I’m working, so the weekend is reserved for pretty tops and high heels with my skinny jeans :smile:


A dress :slight_smile:

I just love wearing dresses and I prefer cotton dresses.


I don’t wear trousers/jeans, so I wear a comfortable skirt and top, whatever I’m doing :smile:

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I believe I have a confession to make. I do get dressed during the day but I always slip back into my pj’s, I feel comfortable! Sorry lol. :grin:

Casual wear for me is skinny jeans with a top and the footwear depends on the weather. Here’s one of the newest tops I bought last week. x


That’s very pretty Kelly.

Thanks Margaret. x @Louisa15

Kelly @tagpress I love that top!! :slight_smile: I wouldn’t hand it on the line, Stoke isn’t all that far from Shrewsbury lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I like that to Kelly Im thinking of going to Top shop to do a bit of shopping.

I’m not a dressy kind of person. So if I can get away with it, I pretty much wear skinny jeans with everything, and I love t-shirts, baggy jumpers, plimsoles and my Uggs for the winter…clearly I’m still stuck in my university days. Haha
But that’s only because I have to look more smart for work- which sadly doesn’t involve jeans.

I’m a boho type, long floaty maxi dresses, dangly earrings and biker jacket and boots, or I should say “Boohoo” dresser, because that is my favourite website to buy clothes right now, also their skinny jeggings are comfortable and look like jeans.

Metal T-shirts and black jeans.

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Donna @RedDragonDesigns you just make me laugh!! :laughing: Only you would come up with something like that but I have to admit, that’s something I would say too lol. :grin:

I only paid £10 for it, I buy a lot of my clothes from Select Clothing, I love that store and they’ve always got sales on too! Here’s the link if anyone wants to look:

I wear the Cross Hatch skinny jeans, their so comfortable and don’t go out of shape or twist around your legs, I hate that!

Faye @FayeHuxham, you should have a nosey through the Select website before looking in Top Shop, there’s probably loads you’ll like!

I’m with you on the Uggs Susannah @curiousseagull, I bought another pair a few months ago but I don’t really know how to explain them! Their a soft sole shoe but an ankle boot type and all suede. Maybe I could take a photo to show what I mean lol. :smile:

I love the maxi dresses Susan @talulahblue, there’s some really lovely ones! x


I live in leggings and dresses, but to make weekends extra special I like to put my jammies on earlier than usual. :wink:


You’re officially my pyjama friend @twinkleandgloomart. x :grin:

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i’m a pyjamas where/when ever possible kinda gal.

i do get dressed in proper clothes and actual shoes to leave the house though!
(unless i’m just visiting my neighbour)(and know i’ll find her in pyjamas)


I love my pj’s but also love my baggy joggers and T-shirt :grin:

Love to dress up for events but I’m not a heel sort of person flats all the way so you can dance.

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Tee Hee! Me too-if I lived alone I probably wouldn’t get dressed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Love Sam x

Not sure about wearing skinny jeans though-I have a choice between complete discomfort and a back gape I could stash my (large) handbag in. As a result I tend to wear vintage 1980’s or 90’s jeans or trousers I make myself.

Love Sam x