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What do you think are going to be trending themes or motifs for 2018?

In 2017, we had pugs, cacti, pineapples, flamingo and woodland creatures still held their own…what do you think the upcoming trends are going to be for 2018?

I think that unicorns will continue their bid for world domination lol

OMG - how did I forget the unicorn??
I think that may be slightly over saturated now!

I heart that unicorns would continue too. I’m sure that pugs won’t be going anywhere soon either, although I prefer pugs to unicorns.

Pineapples were in last year, but Liberty is selling off it’s pineapple prints in the sale, so maybe next year it will be bananas? Anything is possible.

Sam x :banana::coconut:

I think unicorns will always be in, they are a little girls dream :slight_smile: Woodland creatures will still be around. I think bright colours and flowers, jungle animals and palm trees will still be popular.

I’m not a big fan of pugs (sorry pug fans) so I won’t miss them if they are not around.

I’d like all things astrology to be a thing for 2018 :slight_smile:

I read somewhere that purple will be big in 2018. Works for me! :slight_smile: