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Would this sell? Advice appreciated!

(Christine E.) #1

I did some “Tudor” portraits of animals many years ago and was wondering if they were likely to sell. This is the nicest one- I know it’s not very trendy (e.g.not a papercut ) but not all Folksy customers are trendy! If you think they would sell, which would be best- home print on photopaper, giclee print, or home print mounted on a greetings card? I’d really appreciate any advice (even if it’s “they won’t sell”).

(Roz) #2

I see no reason why they wouldn’t sell to the right person, they look good quality. Not to my personal taste but everyone’s different. Personally I would go down the greeting card route, maybe sell a pack of a similar theme. Pretty sure someone like my cat mad, history loving, artistic step mother would love them!

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I agree, it would sell to the right person, and I also agree that greetings cards are a good way to go. Good luck!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

A lot of people like things that are quirky like that,

My Boticelli ‘Birth of Venus’ bunnies are always popular as cards :smiley: (I know people would like prints of them too, but I haven’t managed a good enough print on my printer yet and haven’t got the spare cash to get a ny printed at the moment).

(Leanne Woods) #5

Sara that’s brilliant:) I’ve Svetlana Petrova’s Mona Lisa as my lock screen at the minute.

I think they would sell as cards or prints, animals in people settings are always fun.

(Christine E.) #6

Thanks for your advice, everyone! I suppose I can try a couple of cards- I have blanks, I have photo paper, I have “Plus”, so it’s not going to cost me anything! Love “The Birth of Venus”, Sara! As well as cats, I also have a few Tudor guinea pigs (portraits of my daughters’ pets) and one pig!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

I think they are different and you should go for it.

All the best

(Grimm Exhibition) #8

I think the human/animal look is ery on trend. I ve seen them in a shop. Heres a link to there fb page. Look on the walls in the pics and youl see similar

(Christine E.) #9

What an amazing shop,@GrimmExhibition! I think my pictures need to be a bit creepier to be right on trend. I saw a sphynx cat in one of the pictures- my daughter is getting one of these next month, she’ll make a good model! (not that I’m saying sphynx cats are creepy, but definitely weird)

(Renphotographycouk) #10

The best way to know if something will sell is to put it up for sale.

(Christine E.) #11

Very true, @Renphotography! As long as I don’t have to shell out any extra dosh towards it, I’ll give it a go…