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What features would you most like to see on Folksy - as sellers?

Question: What features would you most like to see on Folksy as a seller. What would make your life easier when listing, promoting or posting orders?

It would really help us prioritise if you could add your suggestion (or vote on what’s already been suggested) here - Suggested Features: Hot (203 ideas) – Folksy Support & Knowledge Base

That then gives us a list of most wished-for features to work from. Thank you!

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For me it would be to have copy, delete and hide buttons when you click into a listing in your shop rather than having to search through the pages of listings looking for it as that can take ages. It’s already on the suggested features on the link I believe, if anyone wants to vote for it.


To be able to put quantities against variations. So 4 blue, 1 pink, 2 yellow etc. Works fine for made to order items or if you have a lot of something but as I only make in small quantities would make much life easier.

To be able to offer a flat discount as mentioned in another post this morning not jus percentages.

Maximum postage rate.

Listing of products exportable to a spreadsheet for stock takes etc. Takes me hours every year hunting for a listing to check against stock as cannot be put in any order.

Cannot think of anything else atm!


Forgot to say sections within collections say collection for cards but then be able to break that down into Birthday, Anniversary, Baby and more


Here’s one covering the ‘copy listing’ part - I see it already has 118 votes. @folksycontent any idea roughly how many votes an idea would likely need to get it into the priorities (I understand there would also be a dependency on how quick a win it is)? Thank you.

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I would find a character counter in the description box very helpful. Some items need long descriptions and so many times I’ve been unable to enter more information because I have used too many characters! There is no way of knowing how many characters are allowed or how many you have used, or have left to use. It’s a small thing but would be so helpful.


Could we have the facility to embolden, italicise and underline words when writing descriptions. Sometimes words or features need to be emphasised.


@feelfeltfound Unfortunately it’d be hard to give a specific, as it may depend on how easy something is to implement, and whether it fits in with changes we’re already hoping to make.

Obviously if something has over 100 votes it’s likely to be higher priority than those with just a few, but we can’t guarantee that a certain number of votes will mean something will be done soon, as something very tricky which requires major changes to the system may need a lot more time and planning, and the number of votes won’t change that. However, we might also spot something with less votes that could quickly be changed, that might make things easier for sellers (or us) in the run up to Christmas, or that might be part of something we’re already working on, and then that might get done sooner even though it’s lower voted.


Yes please - being able to edit, hide etc from the item on a page would be fantastic and save hours of my time :star_struck:


That’s helpful, thank you. It was a similar system for the learning platform where I used to work.

Definitely would love some sort of search feature for seller dashboard. Selling elsewhere (craft markets, galleries, etc) means I often take stock in an out of my shop and it can sometimes be so hard to find the right listing to hide (or return to sale) or if you remake an expired/sold item. Have voted for a similar suggestion that already exists.

Also would be nice if newest listings were put at the top of the shop rather than the bottom - I know I can move it but often forget!


For me, I would like it if my visits to my shop were not included in the stats. Towards the end of each month I think I’ve had lots of visits to my shop, then realise that all the items viewed were where I have altered the tags for next months theme of the day. It can be quiet disappointing!


It would be useful to be able to delete and item without the image disappearing from a review, don’t know if that’s possible . I’m still quite new so my reviews are valauable but when you have one off pieces of work that you can’t re-list it’s a pain to have them sitting there in the expired section.

The ability to edit an expired item BEFORE renewing it. If something has expired unsold then the listing probably needs a tweak, change the photo, the title, the tags. Much better to fix the listing first and then relist.

Bulk edit posting lead time (24hrs, 3 days, etc) would be very useful for busy periods or even short breaks without closing shop.

Also, looking ahead to the dreaded accounts season, the ability to download sales data as CSV or similar rather than checking each individual order manually. Already a suggestion from 2014!


I would definitely like conditional discount codes :blush:


Yes this would be useful, sometimes I’ve sold an expired item at a craft fair but then had to relist it to reduce the quantity to zero so I don’t accidentally relist it!

Oh Marion

I tidied my shop up a few months ago, and deleted items I didn’t want, only to dicover little “circles” in the review system. It was shock horror, but luckily people have started to give me new feedback, so the horrors are gradually ending up at the bottom.


@Overner You have picked two things that I would really like to use, and I would also like to have a choice of typefaces for the shop announcement, and the ability to centre the text rather than have everything ranged left. It would make the shop announcement so much more professional-looking.

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@ChrisOsbornJewellery I totally agree - I have found the same problem… I think an item is proving really popular, and it is, but I am the one making it popular because I have changed tags, or amended a description or otherwise tinkered with it. Doh!


This would have my vote too.

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