Folksy Ltd

What happened to my banner?

(Minerva) #1

Why is my banner only showing the name? What happened to the bits at the bottom? I noticed that last night when I quickly logged in and out. But today it looks the same. What happened? I’d like to see my full banner…

(Helen McCartney Designs) #2

I’ve just had a look and I don’t quite understand what you mean.

I can see your banner with your name and the pattern under it and underneath you have got wording about your shop, the contact ,buying from me and favourite buttons. plus your name, how much you’ve sold and your feedback percentage.

(Minerva) #3

I’m logged in with Firefox. I only see my shop’s name and big white space underneath.

(Helen McCartney Designs) #4

I’m on google chrome and can see it fine. I haven’t got a clue why you can see it i’m afraid. sorry not much help am I?

(Claire Davis) #5

I’m logged in with firefox too and to me, your banner shows your name in big blue lettering and then nothing underneath, until your name, and the contact me buttons etc. I have no idea why though, sorry…

(Minerva) #6

I’m hoping Admin will answer very soon. I also cannot see my photos when I click in my listings. They only appear half way. Someone else started a thread about that.

(Minerva) #7

That’s what I see too.

(Liz Dyson) #8

I’m using Opera and I can see everything just fine. Use another browser and see what happens.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #9

I wonder if this is related to the problem earlier, with photos not loading properly? That has (hopefully) been resolved now - there is a post about it somewhere (!)

(Minerva) #10

I also had that problem. Everything seems fine now.