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Banner Missing

The banner on the top of the Folksy front page is missing on my screen is anyone else seeing the same or is it just my screen?

I can see your banner, its a geometric design if that helps.

I have the same thing if I use Google Chrome as my Browser…no banner. However if I use Internet Explorer the banner is there…

I mean the banner on the Folksy front page Marg the top bit is missing for some reason. It may be to do with my screen.

My browser is Google Chrome but always has been and this only started yesterday.

Yes, I normally use Google Chrome and the banner has only been missing for a few days.
Perhaps there has been an update to Chrome which has messed it up…

Thanks Kym, glad it’s not something wrong with my screen . Perhaps like you said it’s just an update and will right itself soon.

I can see it. A lovely geometric pattern :slight_smile:

The banner is missing on my i pad using google chrome, but it is there on my laptop using google chrome

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Yes it’s strange @Jennies gems, the front page looks really odd, there’s just a gap where the folksy logo used to be and it starts at featured seller and folksy favourites.

Is the front page banner still missing on your browser, Dawn?
We updated the banners yesterday and found a bug but we thought we’d fixed it? If you could let me know that would be great.

@folksycontent The banner on the Folksy Home page is still missing for me when I use Chrome, but it is there if I use Internet Explorer. I’m on a PC.

Thanks for letting me know, Kim. I’ll flag it up with Doug.

The banner is still missing for me Camilla too.

Can you post a screen shot of what you’re seeing Dawn, @KBCreations and @jenniesgems?

Also, do you know which version of Chrome you’re using? We can’t seem to replicate the error so it would really help to get some more info. Thank you!

Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m. It says it’s up to date.

Camilla @folksycontent just thought I’d wade in - I use Chrome and up to 2 minutes ago was using version 54.0.2840.98 and the home page looked exactly as I’d expect it to. I’ve just updated to Version 55.0.2883.95 - so fractionally more up to date than the version Kim @KBCreations is using and I can see exactly what she sees - i.e. no banner.

Your problem seems to be with the most up to date version of Chrome :smiley:

Thanks Karen. You’re right, it does seem to be an issue with the latest version of Chrome.
We’re working on it now.

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Camila the banner is now missing on my laptop as well as my iPad. i am seeing the same as Kim KB Creations on google Chrome Sorry but i cant seem to get the screen shot to work

I am seeing the same as Kym’s screen Camilla. My windows 10 was updated in the last few days too.