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What is a really good brand of glass paint?

There are so many types to choose from now! I want a good quality brand, that will be tough and long lasting, not the kiddy type stuff. Is the solvent based paint the best to use? Been a long time since I did glass painting, and back then I had to just go with what the local craft shop had in stock - nowadays there is just too much choice when you browse on line lol.

I used to do a lot of glass painting. I used Marabu paints. They’re long-lasting but you need to go over them with some sort of varnish if you want them to be wash-proof.

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I do a lot of glass painting and I use Pebeo they are the very best and yes the cost a wee bit more but they are worth it.

They also fire in a normal domestic oven which is great and means their paints are dishwasher safe.
They also deepen in colour when you fire them.

They are easy to use and can be wipe off with a damp cloth before they air dry or with a bit of extra rubbing if they air dry before you ‘fire’ them.

Oh yes the ‘firing’ temp is 160C (325F)

I find it best to place your painted glass item on a tray pop into your oven and bring the heat up slowly. Then bake for 25minutes.

Then lower the oven temp for about 5 minutes then turn off the oven and leave them in there for another 10minutes before opening the door.

This method will protect your glass for sudden heat or cold so the glass doesn’t crack or shatter.

I used to teach glass painting.

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Thanks for the replies.

@EileensCraftStudio - that’s great info, thank you :slight_smile: