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What kiln do you use?

Hello lovely folksy sellers. I’m looking to invest in a kiln so I can make items with a practical purpose! Initially I’d like to apply digital transfers to blank ceramics/bone china but would also like to experiment with making pieces myself in the long term.
I’m just looking for a 13amp electric kiln to start with.
I’ve done some research and I think to fire decals I need one that is capable of firing to 1450 degrees F/787 degrees C and a ceramic cone firing 17 but I’d love to hear from anyone who has actual experience of doing this or even has a kiln for sale or knows a good place to look?
I’m based in East Yorkshire.

I have two kilns. A Paragon SC1 which is a wee workhorse and I use it for my ceramic work (for digital transfers). It’s quite small but I can usually get 4-5 pieces in at a time. It fires to over 800C. I also have a larger Skutt Firebox 14" which I use for glass fusing. I haven’t tried ceramics in that one as I don’t like to mix the two. Both great kilns and easy to programme. Both from WarmGlass which is UK based.

Hi Avril,

thanks for replying. I’ve just had a nosey at your shop - what beautiful pieces!

Good to know the Paragon kiln fires hot enough, I had looked at these but wasn’t sure if it would work for ceramics. I’m looking to apply my transfers to coasters and thing like eggcups etc so I might be better off with a slightly bigger version. I’ll check out Warmglass - thank you!

ooh thanks Avril - I’ve just had a look at warmglass and like the look of the Skutt Firebox 14 Glass Kiln, and the free delivery charge!

I wonder why they are marketed as glass kilns and not ceramics - do you know why this is? it seems to reach the required temperature for firing transfers but obviously I don’t want to buy one if it’s not going to work on ceramics.

It’s a great kiln! I think the difference is to do with the heating elements. Glass needs top heat whereas ceramics are better with side heating elements (I think - don’t quote me!). The Skutt has top elements and the Paragon has side elements. I haven’t used my glass kiln for ceramics so not sure what the outcome would be. I have used my small kiln for glass and it wasn’t great. I also use the small Paragon kiln for silver clay work and it’s great, and it works fine for my ceramic/decal work. Don’t know if that’s any help whatsoever! :slight_smile: I’m sure Warm Glass would help you out with any questions, they’re really helpful and their customer service/delivery is brilliant.

I have a paragon sc2. It is a glass kiln because it is not supposed to go over 1090 degrees c according to the instructions Consequently you can only fire earthenware in it (I’m not a potter but this is what my books tell me). But the sc2 does have side elements not top and is designed for glass and I use it for all my glass - jewellery, coasters, bowls etc. The sc2 is very small and more a hobbyist kiln but I do make 6 inch bowls in it and I fire ceramic decals onto glass. I dream of a Skutt 14 :smile:

thanks for the replies.

I did a bit of googling and you’re right Avril the glass kilns have top elements and ceramic ones side elements, which as want it to mainly fire decals onto tiles I think should be okay?

I asked the warm glass people if the skutt can be used to fire decals onto ceramics they’ve said it can and that they use the “automatic tac firing” - I don’t know if this means anything to you? I think I need to do a bit more research before taking the plunge.

At this stage Annie, I don’t actually need to fire any clay I’m just wanting to fire decals onto already glazed and fired blank ceramics so I think the skutt will be okay for that. I want to be a little more certain before I pay out for it though!

It will be a tack fuse setting, a setting used to adhere glass together. I use my own tack fuse setting when applying ceramic decals to glass. I assume it will be the same onto ceramics.

I use the Skutt for firing decals into glass and I use the TAC setting which works great. With the ceramics I use the small Paragon which I only fire to 200C mainly because the pottery I use is recycled so I’m never sure of the glaze, finish etc (it’s a bit complicated!) but it usually works! If you have a uniform glaze (I sometimes fire eggcups) I fire to 800C and it works fine! Let us know how you get on!