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What is Folksy Weekly?

And where can I find out about it? I keep seeing reference to it in the forum x

do you mean folksy hour? We have a meet up on twitter every 2 weeks to discuss relevant topics? Not sure if that is what you mean? xx

Folksy Weekly is an email which you need to subscribe to. Find it at the very bottom of the Folksy Homepage.

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Thank you x

Thanks but no it was definitely folksy weekly. Can you tell me how I find out when folksy hour is though as I’ve just signed up to twitter x

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Folksy hour is every other Tuesday…
I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on last week, so should be on this Tuesday coming :slight_smile: it’s on 8pm-9pm and they usually have a topic to discuss plus post your own tweets using the hashtag #folksyhour

What’s your twitter link? I’ll check you out and follow. Mines

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Thanks! Mine is

I’ll do the same

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Awesome! Got you :two_hearts: on Tuesday if I remember , I’ll tag you in a folksy hour tweet x

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Thank you! x