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What is the User card background?

(Evie Milo) #1

Just updating my profile here on the forums and I don’t know what the user card background is - can anyone enlighten me?

(Helen Smith) #2

The what? Where have you found that?

(Evie Milo) #3

if you go to your forum profile and click on Preferences you can add a load of info about yourself there and there are two images you can add - one is Profile Background - this appear to be the header image. The other image you can add is this User Card Background - but there’s no explanation as to waht that is, so I’m not sure what kind of image to use.

Anyone have any ideas?

(Helen Smith) #4

Ah sorry, I misread, thought you were talking about your actual Folksy profile.

Possibly it’s the background to the info box you get when you click on someone’s name in the forums? Or possibly not. Best way to find out is to upload something and see where it appears!