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What should I do next?

I’ve been creating a few different crochet flowers playing around with yarn and hook. Well now a have a few and I’m wondering what’s best.

Should I turn them into


or hair slides

or make greeting cards with them

or list as supplies

or a combination of the above.

I’m really not sure which would be best.

I would make them into brooches if it was me.


How do I see your pictures? They’re not showing up for me.


Hi liz I’ve not posted any of the flowers yet as I’ve not taken any photo’s of them.

I’ve now made one into a brooch and one into a hair slide.

Still not decided what I’ll do with the others as yet.

Maybe make a few into a posy brooch or hair accessory?

How about children’s hair bands? They would be very cute!

I now have 3 brooches and a ruined hair slide.

and three one layer smaller ones as craft supplies.

I will create more after dinner while watching TV and I like the idea of a childs head band although I don’t know sizing mmm will have to do some research.

How about a little bouquet? They would look great in a knitted/crocheted and stuffed ‘vase’. Would make an unusual gift.

Jacqueline x