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What Unusual Materials Do You Use?

I’m very new to Folksy (started yesterday) but I thought I’d jump right in with both feet and start a discussion on what materials people are using?

In my “Sails and Stories” shop I use old sails, mainly spinnakers (it’s the sailing equivalent to silk!). These are sails that have been exposed to the elements, blown by the wind, sailed hard, raced hard, cruised into the sunset, battled winter storms and drifted on the summer breeze.

Each collection I plan to create will consist of a limited edition of unique, individual pieces created from one sail, embodying the spirit of the wind and each telling their own sailing story.

As an example, here’s the first upcycled sailcloth pocket square I made:

So who else uses unusual materials in their craft making, let us know what it is and what you make.

Over to you all :slight_smile:

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Welcome to folksy.
I use a very unusual material called fordite - its cured paint build up from the old spray booths at car factories. I cut and polish it myself and have just got a lump from a 70’s van paint shop which currently looks like

when I’m done with the cutting and polishing I should end up with something like

There is a material called boatite which is the boat yard equivalent, tends to have lots of blue and white in it whilst the fordite can have pretty much any colour and varies depending on the plant and era it comes from.


Wow, just wow!

That is impressive Sasha, I love that material and what you’ve done with it, fantastic story!