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Let's see all the upcycled items

I love to upcycle. Here’s a couple of bags in my shop now.

This as with all my journals is mainly created from recycled cardboard and paper made from all that junk mail that comes through my letter box. I recycled it into new handmade paper.

this one isn’t painted so you can see the recycled out of date account books pages being used on the cover

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I’m all for a good bit of upcycling - not an item for my shop but I treated myself to this washboard yesterday - these are really useful for felting (apparently!) - will have to experiment. I plan to give it a nice coat of paint at some stage :slight_smile:


The buttons I used on this teapot cosy are all recycled buttons I’m cut off my old are most of the buttons I use.

The beads at the ends of the triangles of my knitted bunting are beads I salvaged from broken necklaces and bracelets

I’m using some vintage embroidered linens at the moment in one of my new journals that will eventually end up in my shop.

I revamped an old diamante necklace and added the skull. Elegant gothic style.

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Two of my favourite materials both have a previous life. Fordite was technically waste as it is layers of car paint that built up in spray booths at car plants but some one had the bright idea of cutting and polishing it so that it can be used in jewellery - it has amazing patterns

Bowlerite is material cut from old 10 pin bowling balls that are too banged up for bowling any more, some of it is sparkly and it all seems to have amazing bright colours

I’ve also recycled client’s jewellery into new pieces - most recently a gent’s wedding band into a dragonfly shaped pendant.


up-cycled fabrics on this collage book :slight_smile:

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This wall hanging uses many repurposed fabrics such as shirts and curtain lining:-

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Some lovely upcycled items, I bought some silk handkerchiefs on Sunday at an antiques fair, I’m going to use them as embroidery backgrounds, I think.

Eileen @EileensCraftStudio I love old embroidery, it’s so useful for lots of projects, even if it’s worn, you can still use a good bit.

Marg @memicrafts I have loads I can’t resist them when I find them in charity shops and one that auction site. I use the best ones at home and the ones that are stained, have holes I’m in the process of cutting and re using all the best bits.

I also have crochet bits as well. I’m making blinds for my conservatory out of vintage white on white embroidery.

You can use it the way we can now use bubblewrap Roz, for friction. But don’t bother with the paint job, as it will tend to peel off the soaked wood. That washboard has probably survived 60 years or more without paint anyway :smile:

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A groovy retro draught excluder.

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I use mostly old, second hand and vintage fabrics and remake them into accessories. However, I try to extend the reusing aspect into other areas of my work, including promotion.
Heres my FB promotion from when I first opened my shop.

I love old cardboard!

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I have a whole section dedicated to up-cycled clothing - this top is one of my newest

Lesley :smile:


I generally make most of my work from scrap silver as I now have so much of it!

I Upcycle scraps of vintage fabric into bowls.

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Lots of up-cycled papers here.

These envelopes are made from an upcylced out of date fallen apart world atlas