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What's your niche

Having a niche can be great for your business. This is because:

  • If you pick the right niche (one where there isn’t much competition), it’s easier to get noticed.

  • Do it well and you can ‘own’ that space, becoming the go-to person for that product or market.

  • Having a limited product range allows you to achieve economies of scale (ie buy your materials at cheaper prices).

  • It’s easier to target your market if it’s smaller and more defined.

  • Niche companies are more likely to have loyal fans.

  • Loyal fans are more likely to share and ‘evangelise’ about you.

  • It’s nearly impossible to please everyone, but when you’re niche you can thrill a few.

So what we want to know is, what’s your niche? And do you have a tagline that explains your niche in just a few words?

I think I have quite a niche, every single mirror I create is totally unique to the customer…and my brain! :grin:

I suppose my niche could be described as “illustrated jewellery” although I don’t use that line in my shop (perhaps I should?) I don’t think many people use this technique of embossing pewter currently. I do enjoy making other things as well though, so it’s hard to keep my shop “pure”! I know I have some loyal fans, but they’re obviously holding tight to their cash at the moment… :slight_smile:

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Save the planet. Have some fun!

My market is definately niche! For animal lovers that want a piece of the action, more than just pretty prints!

Elephant and Rhino Poo Greetings Cards and Invitations.

100% recycled guilt free products. With the elephant poo coming from rescued or retired elephants card for in Sri Lanka and the rhino poo coming from the black African rhinos housed at Paignton Zoo.

Been up and running for just over a week.

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My niche is felting of all types, needle felting, wet felting and nuno felting. Although felting is becoming more and more popular I don’t think there are many people selling hand made felt goods here on Folksy (most felted goods seem to be made from commercial felt). My focus is nuno felt which allows the felt to be made very light and sheer, its strength coming from the base material, in particular for scarves but also many other items. Everything in my shop has some felted element incorporated into it in one form or another, it is incredibly versatile. I haven’t got a tagline yet - still thinking about it!

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Hi Everyone,
I am very interested in NICHE. See article in Folksy newsletter. I hope my niche is Quilled animal portraits. I don’t seem to get found enough, or they don’t like what they find. I have worked on my titles and tags. quilling isn’t that well known so relying on customers searching quilling is hopeless. I have tried to get in as many categories as I can but things are very slow. I can’t find anyone else who quills animal portraits but there must be some. Another theory is that quilling isn’t cost effective. It does take quite a few hours to complete a card and it would be unaffordable if the labour cost was added.
I would appreciate your thoughts .
Thank you

Very interesting! Good luck, I’m all for recycling :slight_smile:


I don’t have one :cry: if I look at my shop, it has pretty jewellery and fabric Decorations in there, but I have no idea how to target and where?
I am trying to start a new line in dog coats, but this is a slow process as it takes longer to make and I work in the day like many.
So I know the coats will be targeted at pet lovers. But my other items are a luxury and in the present climate, its slow.
Good thread too.

Roz @OrchardFelts I would see your niche market for scarves as retired ladies, the Silver Surfer a woman who likes to accessorise, always looks well dressed the mature career woman. Often retired, on the on internet, modern outlook,regularly takes holidays these ladies have disposable income and like to spend. (look at Hermes they sell lots of scarves). There is nothing wrong with mixing the expensive items and smaller items in your shop even if they are for different niches.
@Quillextra It think its difficult to say what your niche is, you will sell occasionally to those who like handmade cards but many would be put off by the price even though you dont pay yourself for the time it takes. Why not consider changing them to a deep framed picture, use quills more sparingly as an accent of body shape making it 3D with a drawing or painting as the main part this could reduce the time you spend on the item and also adds value to your work.
The problem with cards and jewellery is the market is swamped by China with its available cheaply everywhere including in petrol stations and supermarkets. For many making these items your niche is handmade for those who like handmade items. Very difficult to get your niche noticed.
One of the reasons we don’t make wallets is because they are available for as little as £5 we can’t compete with that without compromising quality. Having said that there is a niche that will pay anywhere around £150 for a wallet made from Horween Cordovan which we are more than happy to make as it is a specific niche of people who appreciate fine quality leather.


I have been asked quite a few times what is my niche market, but not entirely sure. I make jewelry, but mostly unusual and colourful so all I can think is maybe quirky, bohemian, hippie women? Is that a niche? :))

Yes it is a niche but within a hugely over subscribed market place. I know of a manufacturer that has over 5000 lines of just what you describe selling from 25p - £4 with over 100,000 a month in bulk quantity. This is your problem just in the niche you describe and that is only one of several manufacturers based in China.

that is not too promising, but still staying unique is the best way to get recognized I think:) So I think I am on a fairly good line there, but yeah choosing my market niche is difficult

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I think my niche is my unusual style, I’ve been working hard on developing my style since college, but I haven’t forced it or tried to make things look the way they do, it’s just how I draw. My tag line is "Cute, Weird, Pink, Disturbing, Pretty odd, Whimsy stuff."
This actually came from a comment someone left about my work at our end of year exhibition at college, I even developed my name at college by accident. I was playing with letraset and the words ‘twinkle’ and ‘gloom’ where words that I chose to describe my state of mind and my artwork… So it’s all come from there.

My work isn’t for everyone but the people who like it seem to really like it.


yeah, definitely need to agree Lowri. Your is a limited market, but I love it because they are unique:) sooo want them all:D

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Thanks @NobiasArt :smiley:
Although I think it’s difficult to reach to the right people (in getting there- I do have a following) i love feeling like twinkle and gloom could grow to have a little cult following because my heroes ‘The league of gentlemen’ where a cult hit!


Thanks so much everyone. Very interesting advice and comments. A lot to think about, I like the idea of doing the outline in quills and filling in with accents. I have noticed this occasionally so might give it a try. Thanks once again.

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@twinkleandgloomart Reece Sheersmith is in an upcoming episode of Dr Who.

I like to solder, I admire people who do stained glass work and the results are beautiful but I like to give its a shadowbox twist. Sdaly I havtn sold any so its clearly not to many peoples taste but I love to make them.

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I’ve often wonder what my niche is / what my target market is and I really struggle with this. I love to work with high quality yarns , 100% pure wool / mohair / silk etc and I often create my own unique design in these yarns. But who appreciates this / wants this , I just don’t know. @leathermeister , you seem good at knowing about target markets , can you help?

My niche is mainly birds and other wildlife made from vintage or Liberty print fabric. I try and come at it from an art perspective and am branching out a little further by looking into art dolls at present.

Trying to find who my market is and where they hang out is tricky though. Obviously it’s people who like handmade and have that disposable income to purchase, but I don’t think they are a particular age bracket.

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My niche is simplistic pet portraiture - specifically hutch/shed signs and personalised Christmas baubles and decorations, as they are my best sellers. I do classic pet portraits too, but by far the most popular items in my shop are the more cartoon style portrayals of people’s pets. My customers are of all ages and incomes, with the common bond of being, like myself, animal lovers :slight_smile: