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When do you get proof of postage?

I just went to the PO to post my NI2 payments, specifically so I could get a proof of postage that I sent it.
I got home and realised that even though I asked, I didn’t actually receive the proof of postage receipt! (smacks forehead and says doh!)
Do you get PoP for similar things?
Do you get PoP for each of your sales?

I get proof of postage at the post office but i have to ask for it as they only give a receipt if you dont, and on some occasions i have got home and the proof of postage is missing
The print out should have the house number or name and the postcode
I get proof of postage for all my orders

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Yes, I do the same as @jenniesgems

I always ask for a proof of posting when as I buy postage for each parcel.

My lady knows and often asks ‘Do you need proof of posting for this one?’

My post office staff are also really helpful. I usually get proof of postage but sometimes I forget but the ladies in my PO usually ask if I want it.

I always get proof of postage. It’s important that you do. I once had a parcel go missing in the post and I quickly got my money back because I had proof of postage. The lady in my post office knows me so well now that I don’t have to ask, but if I post my items anywhere else, I always ask.

Yes, always get proof of passage. My postmaster is good, like others have mentioned he will ask me if I haven’t asked him first!