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Post office counter - oh my goodness!

My local (very rural) post office is brilliant, but - oh my goodness - there is one post lady who just seems to have a phobia of sticky labels, and it’s driving me nuts!!!

As a paranoid person, who cellotapes everything to within an inch of its life, to have a post office staff member dab a sticky label on without pressing it down AT ALL it drives me cuckoo.
If it’s really obviously curling up at the corners I will say something, but I go up so often, it just seems as if I’m being particularly awkward to keep bringing it up.
BUT…if the label falls off in transit, that becomes my problem.

So I was wondering if anyone else has similar post office issues?
Or had a letter arrive minus the sticky label?

Sarah x


Last year l had 4 items sent all at the same time to the same areas, all lost there labels, and l had to refund twice the postage after paying once because the customers had to pay again, so l am also a bit paranoid better to have a lot of sticky stuff than non at all.

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This is hilarious, I thought I was the only one! I literally throw convulsions when I see her just casually pat it once because I cover every inch of my post in cellotape! Well the good news is that I’ve never had an item destroyed/not arrive but as long as you keep the receipt and ensure there’s a return address and/or invoice inside the package it should in theory either return to you or get forwarded on. Thanks for making me chuckle lol


lol. Yes, I’m the same! Also cover the address label with clear tape in case it gets wet and the printer ink runs.

I have often thought - ‘that looks like it will come off’ when they just place it in position without pressing. I have to say that I have very rarely not had something delivered with its label intact, so I think the PO labels must have pretty strong glue on the back.

I used to print my postage through Smart Stamp (up to Large Letter size), but RM have discontinued it. I always added sellotape to the labels!

Glad I’m not alone in thinking this! :smile_cat:


LOL I know the give out some sort of labels to fill out at home for international mail, maybe they do same for uk so you can post things and not have to keep an eagle eye on the label fearing woman HAHA


Only yesterday I reached through the gap in the counter at the village PO to secure the raised corner of the postage sticker. As it was of to Canada I felt a compulsion to stick it down properly…


Me too Julia, I always cover the address in clear tape so the ink wont run, if it gets caught in the rain, AND I do it diagonally so it is harder to pick off (!) or if it gets caught on something it would have to tear off in the opposite direction to all the rest of the tape! mmmmmmm OCD??
BUT if your jeans have a belt you do it up, right?
Suzzie x


I’ve only had it happen once when I used a different post office. The item was going to my brother as a gift and the postage came off so he had to pay for it plus the £1 service charge.

As I always keep the ‘Proof of posting’ I sent a photocopy of that Proof of posting to my brother who took it back to the post office sorting place and demanded his money back. He got his money back as it was proof the RM made the error.


Ha! I’ve done the same quite a lot of times now (even though there’s a sign saying not to reach through the counter). My post office never sticks them down properly! It drives me bonkers!

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Hi Suzzie

heheh! I haven’t tried it diagonally yet - but that is a great tip!

Julia x

Yep, I do, it annoys me immensely when they don’t stick down the whole label. I havnt complained yet but one day I probably will.

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So glad it’s not just me who has the why-can’t-they-stick-the-label-down-properly gritting-of-teeth situation! I know they have a lot of mail to process all day and a queue of 100010021 people in front of them all the time but it would take a millionth of a second to press the whole label down, wouldn’t it?

Having said that, I do like my local post office, don’t know what I’d do without it!


I’m sitting here nodding, agreeing and chuckling …

I’m the same when it comes to packaging. Everything’s checked a gazillion times, all is secured and sellotape up.

Only once has this problem happened to me. I stood there and watched the sticky label partially pressed down, and the parcel plopped into the mail bag behind her.

I remember saying a silent prayer as I left the post office.

Everything must have been fine as I’ve not heard anything, but it was a nerve wracking experience.

I always clip my proof of postage to the order print out copy which I keep in my files.


I’m so glad it’s not just me!
This phobia of sticky labels amongst post office staff seems widespread :slightly_smiling:

Sarah x


My local PO is in a shop and there is no barrier / glass between server and me so if it’s not stuck down I just say hold an mo’ and pat it down with a smile - they know me well in there as I am in most days so it’s a bit of fun now. However normally they really great - and I can post anytime up to 7pm and at weekends. I posted some stuff last Sunday afternoon for pick up the following morning - it’s FAB!


Yes, I’m just the same, I even stick Christmas & Birthday presents too well, everyone moans. I have a great local Post Office and they do stick the labels down ok, but then I have a thing about them pressing my envelopes a little to firm as I’m posting cards, pictures etc, that must not bend. See, we’re all mad! :slight_smile:

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You are not alone! The times I want to reach under that glass on the counter and stick the sticker down firmer! Elaine

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I’m the same!

I have to make sure the stickers are all neatly aligned on the envelopes/packages.

Luckily my post office give me handfuls of stickers and rolls of customs label so I can do it all at home :smile:

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My Mum once posted me a parcel with a label that came off.
The post office told me that there was a parcel with no stamps on it and the I needed to pay a huge amount to have it delivered.
As I pointed out to them…a parcel has to be taken in at the post office counter…and a post office counter assistant would NOT take a parcel without payment…therefore, if they had any brains at all, they would KNOW that it had been paid for and that the error was theirs.
They delivered it…sorted.


Hi Sarah

I always wrap my parcels with brown paper ( inexpensive from Poundland) with parcel taped seams, I do this because I’ve always loved the romance of the brown paper parcel tied up with string. I then write the address and return details onto the paper and the sticky postage label seems to stick well and touch wood I’ve not had any issues thus far.