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Where can I buy personalised printed aprons in Sheffield, we need lots!

(arthousesheffield) #1

We are looking to purchase aprons in various sizes( approximately 70+) from childrens to XL in a poly/cotton, neutral colour. We would like our logo to be printed (15cm square) on the centre front. Can any Sheffield based printers help?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

It might be idea to do a search for aprons then use the contact designer button to ask if the designer can fill your order.

All the best with finding what you require.

(karenoberheim) #3

Hi, are you still looking? I have printed 100s of t-shirts and it would be simple to print on aprons. How many are you looking for?

(arthousesheffield) #4

Hello did you get my reply?I need aprons yes, please contact me at