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Where has my avatar come from?

(Helen Smith) #1

I mean, this is me, but it’s not the avatar I have used for either my ffflowers profile or my ffflowers shop appearance on Folksy so how did it end up here?

Problem Loading Avatar in Preferences
(Leanne Woods) #2

Mine is my gravatar so I’m guessing discourse pulls avatars in that way.

(Helen Smith) #3

Ah, of course! I use this face for just about everything except ffflowers so I was a bit confused, it could have come from anywhere. I think I’d prefer it if we could use our Folksy avatars but maybe that’s just because of my split personality…

(Leanne Woods) #4

You’ve a profile somewhere that you can upload your own avatar to, I noticed Hazel has changed hers. I’m still on my phone so haven’t gone looking for where to do it yet.

(Helen Smith) #5

Oh that’s better, I feel properly dressed now! Thank you. If you click on your avatar top right then it’s there under preferences.

(Leanne Woods) #6

Oh thanks, saves me clicking everything in sight later when I change my mugshot.

(Jan Ryan) #7

Thanks for the info, it saved me searching, I’ve now got my avatar up :smile:
Jan x

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #8

I can’t get my Folksy avatar to load in Preferences. I don’t have a “Gravatar” and I want to use my Folksy avatar… it hasn’t pulled that across and it won’t let me load another.

As a side-note, it would be helpful if the “load” feature for avatars and backgrounds had guidance notes - eg. allowable format, size etc.

(Tammy Betson) #9

I’m a bit confused!! I want to change my avatar, I dont want this pink square thing, but I cant work out how to change it, if I click on it I just go to a page that shows all my posts, can anyone help?

(Tammy Betson) #10

Haha scrap that, just had another play and worked it out!!