Folksy Ltd

(Dawn Marshall) #1

Oh my goodness me,i am totally confused…is anyone else or am i just thick…dawn

(Linda Cooper) #2

Nope, not thick, it`s confusing.

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

It is very different to start Dawn but just keep playing around and it will all click into place …

I’ve been here since it opened so use to it now, but only after playing with it for a few days :slight_smile:

Any questions just ask and someone will help


(Margaret Jackson) #4

It’s only a bit confusing at first, take your time to play around with it and if you have problems, just ask! :smile:

(Martine Brumwell) #5

It looks really different but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Martine x

(Martine Brumwell) #6

What’s happened to my avatar? Do I have to do something to get it back?

(Sarah Eves) #7

Yep, I’m confused too :smile:
I must admit the first time I took a peek I went scurrying back to the cosy familiarity of the old forum, but I’ve poked my head over the parapet for a second time!

Sarah x

(Sarah Eves) #8

Yep, I’m wondering the same thing!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #9

If you click on the avatar that you currently have you should be able to get to your profile to upload your usual one :slight_smile: Go to ‘preferences’ when you have your profile open and you can change it there :slight_smile:

Or you should be able to access it in the top right of your screen too.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #10

Well done @MaisyMuffin - you’ve cracked it :smiley:

(Martine Brumwell) #11

Yes, I got there in the end! - just needed a bit of investigation.

(Brenda Cumming) #12

what does it mean when Sian says that a thread is pinned?..and says it can be unlocked? Please explain to an oldie……lol

(Liz Dyson) #13

Oh heavens I feel like giving up on the forums altogether - this is awful!

(Joy Salt) #15

Liz It’s not awful honestly. It’s just different and really it is much much better.

Grrrrr - i deleted my original reply as I used the bottom reply button instead of the reply to Lizdyson post but now it won’t let me post it as it is too similar to what I just posted - and then deleted.
@SianFolksy - could you check that error please

(Margaret Jackson) #16

Joy I suppose that feature is to stop people spamming but it is a bit annoying.
Liz it’s really so much better than the old forums. Just needs a bit of time to find your way around that’s all.

(Joy Salt) #17

And just see how you can include other people in your post just by using an @ and then selecting their name as I did to make sure that Sian, our treat captain, saw it. There are lots of handy features like that.

(Sian ) #18

That’s not really something I have much control over, I’m afraid. It’s a spam protection setting. I can only change the amount of time before you can post the same content. Best to wait 5 minutes or change the content slightly!

(Sian ) #19

forgive me if I miss those things - I’m getting about a billion notifications here :wink:

(Sian ) #20

If a post is pinned, it is a ‘sticky’ post that appears at the top of its category.

You can clear the pin once you’ve read the post, if you want to, so it no longer appears at the top of the category list for you.

(Joy Salt) #21

Thanks Sian. just thought I’d point it out in case you hadn’t noticed it did that. :joy: