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Which piece of crafting equipment are you longing for?

Yep, I was hoping to get Fiskars. The sciossors I got are for kids and really short, I ake one snip and have to immediately start again, lining up the waves.Maybe if I get a sale I can browse ebay

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Just been to your shop, loving your vintage butterfly cushions.

Jacqueline x

I’m also after a kiln but a glass work one, it would make a huge difference to my productivity, enabling me to reduce costs & sell more to the public.
are you listening kiln fairy?

Oo, too many to choose. An industrial sewing machine for leather! A press so I can make neat leather cuts for bag ends/embossing etc. But actually I’d like to have a go at weaving. Looks like I’m gonna need a new room to house all of that lot!

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@JAustenJewelleryDesign Thanks, its my fave too.

It’s not really “equipment” as such but a room would be amazing… I could sort all my guddle, have a lovely big table for cutting out, sewing machine in the corner and ironing board up permanently! :wink: but as my two kiddies have to share a room it’s not that high on the priority list haha! Also I love my sewing machine but I would love one where you could adjust the needle to the right rather than just to the left… but that would be for personal projects more than anything :slight_smile: x

Hi memicrafts
You should get yourself a Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutter! I have one and its amazing :). I have alphabet dies and when used with the big shot I can cut letters from many materials such as fabric, felt, paper, foam and cardboard. You can pick one up on eBay from £45 - £60. Sizzix do so many dies such as flowers, hearts, circles and squares amongst hundreds of others. As for me, I would love a super fancy Bernina sewing machine - I have three machines that don’t work :frowning: and finally an etching press for my fledging ambitions in Lino cut and colograph printing. Anyway - hope you get your wish!

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Knitting machine and screen printing kit (using a DIY one out of embroidery hoops)

A sewing machine, just a £99 John Lewis one would do, but it always seems to get pushed to the bottom of the list.

Embroidery machine for me please lol.

I’ve just bought myself a big shot kit, im waiting for it to arrive, I’ll be using mine with decoetch and embossing folders, can’t wait to play with it :smiley: , really excited

I asked my dad if he could getme an early birthday present of lead free silver solder he said yes!! Not ordered it yet but genuinely cant wait for it to turn up, then I can get on with a load of projects.

Hi Sarah,
if you are after a cheap sewing machine, keep your eyes open in big supermarkets or Lidl as they often have them for about £50.

Solder has been purchased (does a little dance)

@ GrimmExhibition Have you thought of a hand-held rotary cutter like dressmakers use with a wavy blade in it? that way you wouldn’t need to line up every few inches

I would love a bigger die-cutting machine. I’ve got an original cuttlebug which is still in good working order but keep seeing all the lovely cutting dies & embossing folders on Create & Craft that need an A4 size machine, some new dies to go with it would be nice too :slight_smile:

@DeesDesigns Nice idea, il take a look in a local haberdashery shop.

Ohhhh now that’s a good question :grinning:
Where do I start. Lol
There’s so many different avenues to take with polymer clay and I can never decide which route to take. I want to do it all :grinning:
My craft area is expanding with all the bits and bobs I’m accumulating.
There’s always something new coming out from Fimo or Sculpey and its just so darn tempting.
At the moment I quite fancy getting a clay extruder. I would get really perfect sized long lengths of clay for a project I’ve got my eye on.
I sound abit like Veruca Salt when I read this back lol
"I want it all…, I want it now" :musical_note::notes::musical_note:

Karen :cherry_blossom: