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White fusible Interfacing

Does anyone sell fusible interfacing like this.
Vilene H250 Light-Medium Firm Iron On Fusible Interfacing Interlining

I do somewhere but I don’t think it’s a very large piece. I’ll have a look later and post tomorrow if I find it.

Thank you Eileen. I need quite a lot so if you find it and let me know how much.

I have a large roll of fuse able iron on interfacing, I would say medium weight, I bought it a few years ago when I was making bags I think. It is about 1 metre in width, and there is still many metres left on it, I can pop a sample in the post if you like? I don’t use it anymore

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If you wouldn’t mind sending me a sample that would be great. I’ll message you my address. Thank you.

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Do you have any idea what price you would want for it Sue and how much is on the roll.

Oooh, there will be lots of metres still left, I’m not willing to sell all of it with my daughter now studying textiles at university, I’m sure she would need some if I sold it all! If it is a metre wide I’d say £1 metre and postage at cost!

That’s OK Sue, if it’s the right thickness which I’m looking for then a couple of meters would keep me going for a while. I just thought if you wanted to sell it all seen as you didn’t use it anymore, but if you may have a use for it later then a couple would do. Thank you.

Pauline, I get mine from William Gee - very quick delivery and it’s the real stuff (I got stiffed on Ebay with a fake product that doesn’t stick to a single thing…I’m using it as a sew-in instead).

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Thank you @Beesandblossoms I’ll keep that name in mind.

I found it but it’s not very big and is rather tattie it’s was on the top of the box and is covered in cat hair from when next doors cat got in. :frowning:

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Never worry. @SueTrevor is sending me a sample of some she has so if that’s the correct thickness I’ll be able to buy a fair sized piece from her but thank you @EileensCraftStudio for looking.

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Hi Pauline, you should recieve your sample today, if it is what you wanted I have listed it in my shop for you to buy. It is only 75cms wide. I have put 10 x 1 metres units in for now. I will send it in one length if you order more than one.
So you can buy what you need.

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Thank you Sue. I’ll be in touch.

@SueTrevor sample arrived and it’s perfect for the job in hand. I’d like to buy the 10 meters you’ve listed on here.