Copper foil tape

I dont suppose my fellow solderers would let me know where they get their copper foil tape from. Im trying to get some from my normal suppliers on ebay but they have none in stock.
Im after 6mm aka 3/16 silver back tape.
Internet search is driving me mad, plus places have £5 postage which is a tad expensive!
Any help appreciated.

Have you tried Fred Aldous? I’ve been dealing with them for decades, and you can get a discount for being on Folksy. Postage is not too bad, either.

Not a size I use and neither Lead and Light nor Creative Glass Guild who I use for my 7/32 copper backed have that combination but Tempsford Stained Glass have it listed and they are excellent. ( They stock some rather nice types of glass)
No idea what postage would be as can’t work that out but worth an ask.

Joy xx

Thanks one andall il give your suggestions a try.

Thanks, just bought from Tempsford.
So confused though. i thought 6mm was same as 3/16. But Ive seen different measurements. I went for 1/4 in the end.

You could try PSA Solutions . They sell on ebay but also have their own website

Me again, Im now looking for copper foil adhesive sheets. Ive had a look but they seem to be between £6 and £8 for a 12x12" sheet which seem a lot(im a cheapskate)I just wondered if youd heard of these sheets and know of a good place to get them from.

Try Lead and Light Camden £3.10 per sheet but you’ll still have to pay P&P and that is probably ex Vat.
It’s a perfectly reasonable price and I would be amazed if you could buy it more cheaply than that.

Thanks so much for the link @JOYSofGLASS, I emailed them, £3.50 total!!.. a few minutes later.Im such a bad reader and got over excited, the total P+P is £3.50, not £3.50 altogether, Im so stoopid, ah well its less than other places.