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Who is cooking the Christmas Dinner?

Who is cooking dinner this year.
My turn last year but this year I will be one-handed as having op on my right hand on Friday.

My daughter is cooking. I’m contributing already made Christmas pud and sauces and hoping someone will cut my turkey up for me.
Fortunately I am left handed but I use my knife in my right hand… so may have to ask for the drumstick so I can eat if with my fingers !

My daughter said nobody was allowed in unless in Christmas gear. I just bought this :slight_smile:

Couldn’t resist !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hope all goes well with the op Joy. Loving the jumper! :grin: My hubby will be booking the Christmas dinner as he does every year. I don’t do kitchens!


Lol, I don’t know! I’m having an op on 23rd December and have no idea how I’ll feel afterwards (not good with anaesthetic) so it could be me, my partner or our son!

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OH does carnivores, I do vegetarians :slight_smile: Good luck with the ops, Joy and Helen, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

My wife struck lucky with me since I can cook and she cannot even boil an egg or microwave beans (seriously, she burns fish fingers so they destroy baking trays!).

I’ll be cooking xmas dinner for 5, not entirely sure if it will be Turkey or Beef yet, but there will be piles of roast potatoes!.


Perfect, Joy! Have a wonderful time - I’m sure you can hold a glass of something soothing in your left hand - medicinal purposes only, of course.:wink:


Same day as me. Good luck with yours. Mine’s only local anaesthetic fortunately.

Thanks Christine. :slight_smile: Veggie suet in my pud for the veggie diner.

Since my hand has been funny I’ve lost the strangest ability. I can’t break eggs. Meringues - they were my forte. I’d even separate the eggs through my fingers. Now - my fingers sort of dive in there, crush the shells and break the yokes.

My contribution to the christmas dinner is currently in the oven - its the cake with another ~40 mins to go. The OH will be doing the main meal (although we still don’t know how many we are feeding) with me on sous chefing duties, no one peels spuds quite like me (I won’t have to nip to the allotment to dig them up like last year though).
Hope the op goes well.

Thamks Sasha. No worries about the op. Question is will it improve things. May,. may not.
My median nerve is currently totally naffed. Zero trace of conduction detected …
Fingers crossed. I’ll be happy with even 25% improvement. I can manage my glass as I’m left handed, with a bit more use of my left hand than before.
But kitchen wise I’m having problems. Can’t chop things, onions are impossible as I cant hold them steady enough to chop. Putting crosses in brussels is also ‘a challenge’.
Enjoy your cake :slight_smile:

Would one of those dicing machines help? The ones where you put the veg on an interchangable grid of blades and then use the lid to push the veg through the blades into the container below. Wouldn’t help with the sprouts but you could probably do most other veg with them.

As it’s Christmas. I’m hopeful and have dropped a hint ! :slight_smile:

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