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Who loves to read?

I love to read and recently there was an article about the effects of reading books that were written for children as an adult.?

I did not read it as I thought how absurd if you enjoy a book just read it, why do people have to judge what or who reads what.

What I love more than reading is seeing my children read, my oldest is not an avid reader and sometimes it makes me a little sad that he does not have my passion for reading.

He does however love non fiction books so its not all bad, he loves reading facts about all types of things. Nature, space, Ancient Greece. He has an eclectic selection of these types of books.

I wanted to turn my passion for reading into something useful, so I have decided to become an independant Usborne book seller. (LOVE usborne books).

I have set up a facebook page and will be selling from Early September.

If you would like to pop along and follow my page, news and updates on new products and money saving sales that would be lovely.

Thank you for reading this.


I tend to read ‘childrens’ books or those for teenagers even though I’m 51, mainly because I find books written for adults tend to have swearing/sex/violence in them, which I don’t want to read. There are some excellent books written for youngsters so I’ve liked your page. Good luck!

Some of the best books I’ve read have been recommended to me by my children. Not sure that they were all written for children specifically but some were and were excellent.

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I was surprised that when I took the baby for his 8 month checkup we were given a bag of books and told that some children start school having never read a book and not knowing how to turn pages!
My daughter never used to read but as she has got older she has found a passion for reading and often recommends books for me to read.
Good luck with your page.

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I love to read! I had absolutely no interest in learning to read before I started school - my mum did try to teach me but I just didn’t want to know. But as soon as I got to school I learned really quickly and have been an avid reader ever since.

I have a pile of old Chalet School books (Eleanor M Brent Dyer) which I’m thinking of re-reading now! Hope I enjoy them as much now as I did as a girl!

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I love children’s books and in fact collect them because I take a lot of inspiration from some illustrators. I adore books in general however I just don’t get time to read like I did! I do however plug my earphones in whilst I’m stitching and love listening to BBCiPlayer Radio which is fantastic!!! I think I’ve been through 2 Gaskells, 2 Dickens, a Dostoyevsky, a Wilkie Collins and various other classic novels which have been dramatized…Oh!..and Paradise Lost!!!


As a child I never liked reading or studying and no one around me seemed to be interested in reading either. In fact, I didn’t even know the famous characters of fairy tales and why they are popular. A few years ago, for Xmas, I took care of that business by gifting myself The Complete Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen. I was as delighted as any kid would be on Christmas morning! I read bit by bit as I want it to last for many years.

I do enjoy reading books now, and I do actually buy them so I can have them on my bookshelf, but I don’t read children’s books. I haven’t even read Harry Potter.

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I have always loved reading and I do occasionally read childrens’ books. I never, ever get rid of books once I’ve read them and I’m running out of room for them. If I ever win the lottery the first thing I’ll do is buy a house with a huge workroom and a library! ( especially one of those with a gallery and a ladder! One day…


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A couple of years ago I read all my old Famous Five Enid Blyton books.
I really enjoyed them and it took me right back to my childhood memories of reading under the covers with a torch when I was supposed to be asleep.
However I hadn’t realised at the time how middle class and prejudiced they were.
How times have changed!

Shirley x

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Thank you. Margaret

Thanks. I think we worry sometimes that our kids will not like to read, they just need to find the right book sometimes. My 9 year old has still not found a favourite author of non fiction yet. I live in hope.

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Ohhhh yest as an illustrator myself I love looking at the wonderful illustrations in my childrens books.

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