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Wholesaler event

(Heidi Meier) #1

Folksy organised an event last year whereby a number of shops came together and some well known local/ regional wholesalers were invited to view their goods.

Did you every publish a review of the event @Folksycontent? I thought this was a fantastic idea and I would love it if something could be organised ‘down south’. - or actually in East Anglia… :slight_smile:

(Samantha Stanley) #2

Perhaps they could do a few! “Down South,” East Anglia and “Way Out West!”

Sam :fish:

(Heidi Meier) #3

Definitely! :slight_smile:

(Leathermeister) #4

Cardiff would be a great place to hold an event of that nature. Hazel :smirk:

(Camilla) #5

We never actually reviewed the event @Textiletreasure Textiletreasure, but it was brilliant Heidi, so I probably should have done! There are some photos from the day on our Instagram feed but it might be worth doing a follow-up post later this year to see what the sellers got from it and if it led to any orders or exciting things. I know from talking to stockists and sellers on the day that there were some very productive conversations and orders placed.

We would love to do more in other parts of the country too. I’m talking to a few people at the moment, so I’ll let you know when I have some news.

(Pauline Hayward) #6

It would be nice for something like that to happen in the south. I live in the south west and find it hard to find local craft fairs here so something like that which is different could be good. I may have to revert back to them soon if my on-line shops don’t improve. I’ve just had confirmation that I have a place at a fair in the town in July but I’m always a bit apprehensive at that time of year given what I sell.

(Shelley And John Rapley) #7

This would be fantastic, especially one in the south as our only big wholesale options are things like top drawer which just cost stupid amounts of money! which is why I’m trying for the first time this year the British Craft Trade Fair which is in Harrogate as it’s a lot cheaper and seems to have a good reputation. I would love to work with folksy on something like this.

(Pauline Hayward) #8

I’m from Harrogate originally but not heard of that one. Its a long way to go though for me but I’m f going to google it and have a look.

(Shelley And John Rapley) #9

you should :slight_smile: we are in Kent so it’s a long way for us too. You can visit it as a potential stall holder to see if you think it’s for you, I think you just need to register through the website. Could be a good excuse to visit home :smile:

(Leslie Morton) #10

Where was the event held last year?

(Heidi Meier) #11

It was in York. Looked a really good event… :smile:

(Leslie Morton) #12

Thanks Heidi.