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Get Folksy out there

Hi all, I have had to stop selling due to family commitments (two very elderly parents ) but am now starting to think about starting again. I have been researching craft selling and although I have talked to many people hardly anyone has heard of Folksy. So I am going to suggest that everyone connected with Folksy shares the Folksy FB or website on their Facebook page. I have just shared so the message has gone to about 200 people, a start.

How about it? And yes can we have the Folksy team pushing this message??


Will do this myself. Also do the same on twitter and just re-tweet the message once per week.

The more exposure the better, i promoted 5 random items from different sellers on my Twitter feed this week and will do the same every week. If everyone could do this then it promotes the site and will generate interest and traffic

That’s funny, I had a stall at a Christmas fair yesterday and none of the customers there heard of folksy, everyone knew just etsy, so it’s about time to promote folksy a bit more. They are in the market for so many years already and still not very well known, which is a shame really, as their concept and website is fantastic.

Every single time I list something on Folksy (which is nearly eveey day), I also post it on my facebook page which has a +2000 potential reach and also auto posts to Twitter. And every thing I post has a link in the comment back to my Folksy shop item.
Everything I sell has a business card enclosed with it which has both the Folksy avatar and the link to my Folksy shop.

I persevere though still people I speak to have mostly not heard of Folksy… in that case I hand them one of my cards.
I am doing my best !

Yep, doing my best to get people to Folksy. I love the fact that handmade can be unpredictable. Who wants socks and pants each year!? #unpredictable

I sell mostly at craft fairs rather than online but I tell all customers that I have a selection on both Folksy and etsy. They often say they know etsy but not Folksy, so that gives me the opportunity to tell them that it would be so much better for them to have a look at our own British organisation rather than something American based - easier to find stuff, quicker/cheaper delivery and buying from homegrown talent. Then I give them my card with the shop address on it.