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I thought it was just me because I occasionally hashtag in Ukrainian and post photos there, but I guess they must just like randomly following everyone!

Considering how many more I get from there than any other country, it makes sense if they’re targeting me, but if everyone else also notices a lot more from there, it seems really weird that one country is so big on it. Like they must have instagram lessons on follow/unfollowing along with the perfect pose :laughing:

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I’m not really sure if I have lots of people following me with Ukrainian accounts…I’m going to keep my eye out now…lol!

My followers go up and down by several on a daily basis. I only follow those I’m interested in and I don’t auto follow back. Folk come and go. My daughter has told me that there are certain rules to increasing followers with daily post numbers, content and image style. To be honest, I have neither the time or interest to follow the ‘rules’. So my numbers rise and fall with ‘friend collectors’ :roll_eyes:

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I’ve also found that immediately after posting a picture I get new followers, I imagine that this is a bot of some kind. They get everywhere :roll_eyes:

Hi, I also get “bot” followers, who have disappeared by the time I get to check out their account! Tad frustrating! They all seem to have a series of numbers and letters as their account title.

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Hi Tracey, I’ve found and am following you. Your creations are outstanding! :astonished:

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I’ve only been on instagram a few months but I love it, I find it so positive. I mostly post art stuff but tend to ramble on in my stories about random stuff!

Not sure how to post a link on here but here’s my account…

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Here is mine

For four months, I use There will be automatic blocking of unwanted comments and subscriptions that you will not even see and they will not be disturbed. There is a free test analysis

Hello I am new to all of this and have only just recently discovered Instagram and its potential to reach out and find new connections.


Thank you, I am pretty sure I followed you to :slight_smile:

Beautiful makes, love your celery :heart_eyes:

I’m on Instagram too :slight_smile:

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I’m on Instagram as well!


You can find me at :grinning:


You can find me, my colourful kids’ coat hooks, and general life ramblings at


I’m on Instagram. I couldn’t link my profile on my phone, but I’ve linked one of my posts.


Just followed some shops above me :clap::heart_eyes:

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Hello I am too. Still getting to grips with reading and following threads on these topics, I don’t find them easy to see where the latest post is etc… Please be patient with me :slight_smile:
Here is my instagram


now following