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Why aren't I making any sales?

Can anyone take a look at my shop:
And suggest why I haven’t been able to sell anything yet?

A few tips for you. Selling is not easy, you have to work hard at it but doing a few things differently might help.

Add a bit about yourself and your process to the about section. Customers like to see a bit of personality.

Add more work. Having only two items doesn’t look great, it makes your shop seem like an afterthought.

Take better images (easier said than done - I find this one of the hardest things!) Take a look at how others photograph their jewellery. Better lighting, suitable props, try to make your item covetable. Remember that the thumbnails are square so try to take (or crop) a square image showing all of your item. This also makes you more likely to be picked up by Folksy Favourites or for one of their gift guides.

Update your listing. You have a bit about you going on holiday that is now out of date. Also you don’t mention how long the actual pendant is.

Use more social media. I am new to this aspect, but it does seem to help. Try Twitter, Instagram etc to garner interest.

Keep at it! There is lots of competition out there so you have to try to make your work stand out. I think men’s jewellery is often overlooked so perhaps you could begin to build your work a bit more from that.

I think your work is attractive, it just needs some help to get seen.

Good luck and wishing you lots of sales!


I find the most effective way of increasing sales is to add another item to my shop (and promoting that item on social media). You need to have in the region of at least 50 items in your shop to give shoppers a bit of choice, however this is a bare minimum. The most successful shops on Folksy will have 100’s of items to choose from. I find it difficult to make this much stock, but even so, I like to list an item once a week to keep it ticking over.

Sam x


Agree with all of the above. I would also work on your tags, descriptions and titles as this is how customers find your products. You need to think like a customer, what would a customer type in to google to find your product? I don’t think anyone would type ‘design 2.1’ in to google, so this is hurting your title.
Your descriptions need to full of words which a customer would type in to google too, at the moment your description doesn’t even say that you are selling a copper fish necklace.
And your tags should be 2 words, so fish necklace, copper fish etc


A agree with everything already said.
In addition, the Facebook link on your shop goes to your personal page. I would create a page for your business called ‘Turn off the Dark’ and promote your Folksy shop on there. It will take time to get followers but if you keep promoting you will get there. There are threads on this forum that will help, plus there is a Folksy group on Facebook that helps too.


Try offering a coupon code to entice buyer’s , good luck x

There is also a lot of info on the Folksy blog that is worth a read so grab a cuppa and get comfy!!

Just to give you an idea, it took me 3months to get my first sale.


I agree with what everyone else has said, you definitely need more items in your shop. The shell is lovely but overwhelms the pendants a bit. A plain background is usually better for jewellery or a very simple prop.
I don’t sell very often because I don’t work hard enough to keep my shop stocked.
good luck.