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Selling help needed

Hi all. I’m loving looking at everyone’s items. I would really appreciate anyone’s help, if you have the time. I haven’t sold anything and I’m not getting many likes for anything I have in my shop. Would you be able to have a look at my shop and give me any feedback to help improve it so I might get a sale. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Hi Martina. I’ve just been looking at your shop - you have some lovely items, I have loved a couple.
Just some very quick ideas…

I would add to your descriptions - it seems you just have a sentence or two. Folksy suggest to write descriptions as if you’re describing to someone who can’t see it. Also think of what a customer might need to know - for example with your clocks - how big / heavy are they, what batteries do they take & are they supplied? For jewellery, what metal is used for the setting, how will it be packaged - so do you gift box or wrap in tissue paper?

Related to this - add some more photos. With jewellery, a shot of it in a hand or on a bust can be helpful for the customer to see the size. You can load up to 10 photos with a plus account so try & add more with different angles, lighting etc.

I see you have a Facebook page - you can add a ‘shop now’ button to that to send people to your Folksy shop to browse, it’s worth doing if you want people to buy through here rather than via FB. I’d also recommend joining Instagram & Pinterest to increase visibility - I prefer both of these to FB!

Finally, have a look through the Folksy blog - there’s some fab videos about writing listings & really useful articles with tips that are quite easy to put into practise. Also have a search for threads already here in the forum - there have been a lot of these posts recently & some very helpful advice given :slight_smile:

Good luck with it all! x

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Hi Martina

A very quick response as I’m in the middle of making a puffin.
Your photos need to be square and some are not in focus. Also a whiter background always looks better.
Renember that your customer cannot pick up what you are selling to look at it so the only way you can tempt them to buy is to show them lovely clear photos and also good detailed descriptions.
I see you have a Facebook page… you should add a Shop now link to it pointing to your shop here and also consider joining other social media. Lots of advice here in the forum, have a browse.

PS Your words about yourself… you are trying to sell to a customer who doesn’t know you. Saying for example that this is the first clock I’ve made is not the best approach to presenting your work as professional and skilled.

Lots of good advice above.
Can I just add to the above that you have the wrong description on this pair of earrings.

I would also extend the titles of your items, for example instead of just ‘Earrings’ list them as ‘Red enamel toadstool earrings’ or ‘Black glass drop earrings’. It will give you a much better chance of being found not only on Folksy searches, but also Google searches.
Maybe have the dimensions of the pendants and chain lengths in metric as well as imperial.
Good luck!

Lots of great ideas for you to think about here. I would add to try to photograph your items before you wrap them, then you won’t get the glare from the packaging in your photos. You could then photo the back, or put the links in a cuff to show them on a shirt and so on, and just keep one photo to show your packaging. You’ve got 5 whole photos per item to play with, so make the most of them. Good luck!

10 photos now. Used to be 5 but now 10. xx

Ohh yes, 10 with the plus account, lots of scope for playing.

Sorry forgot it was limited to Plus…
I wonder if @StitchesAndJewels has returned to her post as she hasn’t commented on the helpful advice we have given her…?

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Thank you so much for the advice. I’m new to selling online, so I thought it was OK the way it was. I will definitely take your advice and add more to each description and more photos. I really appreciate you taking the time to look.

Thanks again